Sunday, January 31, 2010

DIY Grey

I made my own nail polis. Yup! Or I didn’t exactly make it make it; I just wanted to have a light grey in my collection, so I took one of my old white ones, which I never use, and mixed some gray into it. I have a grey nail polish from urban outfitters, which I quite like, but now I just needed something lighter. It took me to old nail polishes to make the one I wanted; the first one was a shimmering white, so the color turned out silver…blaaah. But now I have the perfect color :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I just finished listening (again) to Ayoe Angelicas CD, "I'm amazed". It’s perfect for Sunday chilling in a light mood. She is making a new album as it is. Hope it’s gonna be as good as the last one :)

What should i listen to now...?

Donna Hobohabbahabba!

Donna Hobo, please be mine! I’ll be ever so true to you!

I have seen this bag in black, but it is nothing compared to this miracle in sand! My, it’s pure magic!


Swine flu

Dear all, I have been absent again. I have been quite occupied… It all started on Monday. I was at school, doing my thing, but I was feeling extra tired. After school I went to visit some family friends with my dad. We had a great time, we told stories and laughed at the swine flu “epidemic”. When my dad drove me home I was freezing, and by the time I got home my body was acing and I was freezing like a Turkish belly dancer at an Alaskan dog slay race. Anyway, it was all downhill from there. I had an extremely high fever until yesterday, where I actually could get up from my sweaty bed not only to go to the toilet, but also to “cook dinner”. Now I have no fever, I’m still a bit sore and weak, but it should be okay now. From next week I am as good as new. I just wanted to be honest, this time I was not lazy with the updating, just incapable ;)

Sunday, January 24, 2010


These pictures are just so beautiful! I found them on a newly discovered website; They have some really amazing pictures!
It is because of pictures like these, and the ones showed on the website, that I find fashion so interesting. It is art, yet it is also a lifestyle. I can look at pictures like these for hours…
The dresses are Victor&Rolf, the model is Magdalena Frackowiak and the photograper is Josh Olins.

Cut it out!

Yesterday I finally got to go through all of my magazines, and I cut out all the pictures that I though were extra pretty. From now on they will serve their purpose on my wall, as art. I will take a picture later, and show you. It’s gonna be fab!

Something old...

My jewelry box is full of old crap, but the box itself is quite nice. Even though it is useless and unpractical…I need to update it.

...something new

My new shoes. I think I have to own hem in black as well... They are from dope, and they cost 349kr. Great success!


I had a pretty decent Christmas this year. I went home to Finland for the holidays, and I spent my time in both Tahko and in my hometown, Turku. Tahko is a skiing resort up in the middle part of Finland, where my family spends most of their holidays and days of. It is quite a drive from where they live normally, about 550km, meaning spending at least 6h in the car to get there. But we have made it into a tradition to spend Christmas there as well. As I said earlier, this year went surprisingly well. No bigger arguments, which is very rare since the living space up there is a total of 47m2, which is shared by four people! Anyway, it was nice, freaking cold (-25C’), but nice, and it was fun to take the old snowboard on a downhill ride.
The other half of the 9 days I spent in Finland I spent in Turku, with a special someone. No names necessary. I also met up with some friends, and had a pretty chill time. And by the way, my friend M got a dog! And believe me, it is the cutest! Even though he is a humper… at the early age of 9 weeks. So what? I want a dog!! A female though…
So when I came back home from my holiday, it was time to celebrate New Years Eve. Or this was the case for everybody else, see I had to work. I had a job at this shitty restaurant, and I offered my self to work on New Years Eve, coz I needed the money. I regret this decision very much now. I’ll just summon it up with some keywords; nasty customers, no breaks, bar fight, flying broken bottles, blood, police, asshole boss…well you get the picture. I no longer work there.
That was just a tiny update on what I have been up to. Now I have been really sick, and I am sick of being sick, and I’m tired of tea! I want to get back in shape, and this being sick is a mayor setback in my new and “healthy” lifestyle. Sickness go away, I demand you!!

So with no job and no money, I continue my journey in hopes of beckong Americas next top model! hopes of one day becoming a successful person :)

Fear not!

Greetings all of you (one person + me;) who reads this. I’m BACK! Hahaa I know I haven’t been too active, but mark my words, from now on, I will do my very best to update. :)
Okay so now when that’s settled, I can continue babbling on about stuff that matter.