Friday, May 28, 2010

And she's off

Packed and ready! Finally I get to use my new pink suitcase.
 Now shower.

Exam, over and out

Just wanted to show the moodboard I made for my exam...Sorry for the crappy pictures, my memorycard to the camera was lost.


I am officially on holiday now! I had my exam Thursday, so summer holiday is now here! But I started my holiday by getting sick, which is excellent since I am going to Barcelona tomorrow morning… Early! I have to be at the airport at seven AM. But I will have a whole day in Barcelona, which is nice. I have never been there, so I am as excited as a kid on Christmas Eve. So see ya’all on Thursday! I am probably not going to be too active here, but if I get to a computer, I will do my best to post a little something;) But otherwise I will post  everything about my trip when I get home. Later lovers!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A kitty in your latte?

Sometimes when work is boring, I create stuff like this. I try to make shapes and "drawings" in coffee, and sometimes I succeed. This fat cat, or whatever animal you think it looks like, was created to prove a colleage wrong. I DO know how to make drawings in coffe!
Next time it is a heart or a flower...:)


Yes, I think I have to make a detour to H&M and Gina Triot tomorrow... In Gina Tricot I will buy the bikini and in H&M I will check this babe out!
It is kinda sheer and perfect for summer! I hope they have one for me.

Beach vibes

I have been looking for a new bikini, and since I'm not the one to spend a lot of money on a bikini, I have been looking for some cheaper alternatives.
1. Gina Tricot, 2-3 H&M.
All above from Asos.
I think I'm gonna go for the Gina Tricot. But if I had the money I would probably go for the Asos polkadots or tha flower printed one.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Cannes Film Festival

And fabulous gowns! Here are some of my personal favourite outfits from Cannes Film Festiva 2010.
Arielle Dombasle, Diane Lane, Dree Hemingway
Evangeline Lilly, Elizabeth Banks, Emily Blunt
Fan Bingbing, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale
Margherita Missoni, Michelle Williams, Naomi Watts
Rachel Bilson, Salma Hayek Pinault, Rachel Bilson
I love looking at pictures from Galla events, not that I would ever have the money to buy any of the gowns, but to find inspiration; how thay style the gowns, what accessories they wear and how they wear their hair. Truly inspirational.
The pictures are from, and


If I was rich, I would buy fresh flowers everyday. They make such a huge differnce when "decorating", and I love them! See my room looks so much more sophisticaed now. They were about to throw them out at at work and I said, no I'll take them! And, here they are, pretty as ever. Viva la flora.


Friday game-night at Simones and this is what I wore. Good night;)
Denim shirt vintage, Top/dress Gina Tricot, leggings Monki, shoes Vagabond, hat H&H FAA, Feater earrings from Gina Tricot, watch Guess, and randon silver rings + new "bone" ring from H&M.

Friday, May 21, 2010


What a body, what clothes and omg what a landscape! I Love everything about these photos! Gorgeous, enough said...
Masha Novoselova for Vogue Spain June issue, by James Macari.

H&M FAA - Event

So yesterday me and Maria went to check out the H&M Fashion Against Aids event. It was not nearly as crazy as the Jimmy Choo for H&M event I went to last October (was it…?), but still it’s like all hell is loose when you first enter the area of the new collection. People just leave their brains outside and go nuts! But anyway when people calmed down, it was quite fun:) There was beer, sodas, some snacks, and a “goodie bag”, which was a really nice textile bag containing the newest Costume magazine. Bonus, but is that classified as a goodie bag? One might wonder…
But here are some picks from the event. And a yesterdays outfit.

People going bananas...Smart move H&M to put the collection right in the entance so people really can clog together...!
I am still thinking about buying those headphones...I've always wanted big headphones..hmmm...They had some cool zebra striped ones....?
Maria tried on the Leopard dress. The fit was A+ but didn't have the wow factor.
In this case, the silece AFTER the storm.
This hat came home with me, the knittet men's shirt didn't.
The festival tents.
Outfit: Asos jumpsuit, vintage braided leather belt, striped H&M stockings, wooden "gladiator" wedges from Spain.
And the other beer was Marias...!!
And finally a mini concert with RebekkaMaria. Not bad!
These are the two things that came home with me. The hat for 69kr and the ring (normal collection) 19kr.
The fringed dress I set out to get was not at all like I expected! I wanted a normal dress, not a see through metallic/bronze colored shiny thing. So I told the dress politly that it wasn't what I was looking for, and walked away. The end.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Más Sexy

Adriana Lima is the most sexy human being on the planet! She has the PERFECT body, curvy and feminine, and she has the naughtiest smile you have ever seen. I LOVE her.
Man she is hot! Fo shizzle!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let the sun shine

I get such renewed energy when the weather is warm and nice, so me and T took a long walk by the lakes today. Man it was nice! You gotta love CPH. I even gotto wear sandals... maybe there is hope fore some kind of summer after all..?
Now I'm off to the H&M Fashion Against Aids event. Ciao bellas!

You've got mail!

And I go NICE! So check out what I received! Uhlala what treasures.
Snake ring from eBay. A bit darker and bigger than I expected, but nothing I can't work with. Like Tim Gun would say; "Make it work".
Asos playsuit.
Sometimes it's nice to get mail...when it's not bills or commercials for something beyond stupid.

Drought throughout...

  ...the week. One whole week of absence, but fear no longer my darlings! No seriously, I’m just letting you in on what I have been up to. So even thought I didn’t write here every day, I didn’t forget you. You are always on my mind!

(Yes I am a fan;)

So we already established why my blogging was so non-existing Tuesday and Wednesday, but now comes the tales of my life from Thursday to today:)

Thursday: I had to work, simple as that. And I had my second day hangover, which means very heavy head! = No time to blog. I was home at 2am from work so…pretty tired…

Friday: Got up early, and went to the airport to pick up my escort for the weekend. I had my special someone to come and visit me here in very COLD CPH. That is, in fact, the reason, and excuse for my blogging absence. But as soon as he left, which was today, I’m back in the game, so I’m not forgetting my blogging hobby.
But be as it may, I had a nice weekend. Friday we went brunching and shopping, and in the evening we went out for some sushi. We tried a new place, called Sushitreat. Yummy sushi but I have had better. Prices, eh, not cheap. Then we went to play some pool and 3-1 in my favor….uhlala. Then we went to the Living Room to chill.
Typical of me to take a picture before we get the food...Well done:)
Outfit pose...? This is in A-bar, where we play pool.
Saturday chilling included waking up late, eating, grocery shopping and making a nice dinner. Then we had some friends over, we were supposed to go out and have a chill laid back night. But nooooh, after drinking at least 8 different sorts of alcohol, we realized it was going to be a wild night. Great success some might say.
Still dreaming of those Acne Mayas...damn they are comfortable!

Hangover Sunday was spent with more eating and hygge.
Monday was shopping again, and enjoying the “nice” weather with a walk on Strøget, coffee drinking and more eating. In the evening we made lasagna and had a nice TV-dinner.
Thuesday…Well today he went home, and I went to work. Not fun day at all :(. Although now I get to watch the newest episode of GP with someone (L) who appreciates it as much as I do. That’s always a bonus.

As you can see I have had more than my share of eating this weekend, and it has got to stop. So now when I listen to the rain pooring outside, I will concentrate on something else than food… Maybe I’ll figure out what to wear to tomorrows  H&M Fashion Against Aids event…hmmm…

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sahara in my blog?

Drought on my blog, I know. I will no longer keep you wondering where the hell I am, I promise! My absence here is done:)
It all started last Tuesday, when we were handing in our group exam-projects. My group and I went out to “celebrate” to a café in Skinnergade called Flottenheimer, and from there we continued our triumph by going to Gina Tricot to “shop”, where I bought a zebra striped top. I will show it at some point, after having washed it twice or so; reason for the tops dirtiness coming right up. After the great shopping, I went home, changed to my newly bought zebra top, power napped, and went to my work, where we were going to have a cocktail and liquor course. I was kinda suspecting that the night would not only be about an educational course, but something much more cultural than that; see us Danes we love to drink, and get extremely wasted whenever possible, especially when it’s a work event or a “social” event. My suspicions proved to be quite accurate. After drinking almost all the cocktails on our menu, we headed out to Kamel’s, which is a really nice and fancy little restaurant near my workplace, where were served a 4-course dinner with champagne and the finest wine. When dinner came to an end, we went next door to a bar, where beer and shots became the main focus… Well the rest is just a big blur, but I do know that walking home bare feet at 5 in the morning from a gay-bar with a broken shoe in my hand, and waking up the next day with the worst hangover in history, is solid evidence of one of the greatest nights ever!
So you might understand that blogging on Wednesday was quite impossible. The only thing I managed to do that day was to drag my miserable hung-over ass to the super market 10 minutes before closing, to get the only thing that can cure a hangover; my friends Ben and Jerry.
So the rest of the night was spent together with Ben&Jerry’s and Gossip Girl. Without those two things, I would have been screwed!
Let me tell you, a good sorbet is the gateway to hangover paradise!

Monday, May 10, 2010

The City & The Hills

So if you, like me, are having difficulties watching The City or The Hills online on MTVs website, fear no more! Due to MTVs recent crappy policy about not showing these shows outside the States (WTF?!?), I had to get creative. These episodes had to be found somewhere in cyber space, and indeed, I found some links for both episodes. I just hope that I will be as lucky when the third episodes come on Wednesday…
Episode 2, The City   -->  Quite good in quality, even when you make it as a full screen. Olivia is such a bitch, and Erin, you go girl! The first time I liked her, so I wanted everyone to know…;)
Episode 2, the Hills    -->  Fine quality when you watch it "small". Okay Kristin, take a chillpill! And Spencer... Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse...Seriously, crystals?!?!

If you haven't seen them yet, ENJOY!

Friday, May 7, 2010


Wednesdays outfit. I went to see the movie Remember me. Loved it. What do you know, Robert Pattinson does know how to act, how peculiar… But he did a good job, maybe because this role was so made for him, but anyway. See it!
Wearing striped shirt and feather earrings from Gina Tricot, pants from Samsøe&Samsøe and shoes from Vagabond.
Don't mind the pissed-off face, I guess I was tired :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Look what I discovered! What a beauty! I NEED this ring, it is so cool and I simply must have it...I found it on eBay for about 205kr...Should I go for it? Gosh I'm going to be so poor...

Pictures from ebay, and Vanillascented