Friday, February 26, 2010

Chloe Sevigny

Style icon and beauty princess; Chloe Sevigny. I love her and her looks. She has her own style, and even if I don’t always agree on her clothing decisions, I love that she is 100% herself. And she is always very natural, with no too much make-up, which I would be too if I could. Would I change places with her? I wouldn’t think twice!
P.S She has a really nice name...;)

I also stumbled across the blog; Go Fug Yourself. I’ve read it before, but maybe I should start following again, since she has an entire archive with different celebs. It feels like reading a blog only about Chloe Sevigny. Check it out here.
She is also a guest designer for Opening Ceremony, uhlalaa wouldn’t mind some from that collection.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Supersized Me

I have been blessed with low self-esteem. Yes, I am not afraid to admit it. It is one of my new years resolutions (getting rid off it that is), together with weight loss, and one of the steps are admitting the problem. Check.
I sometimes get very sad and angry with my self, because of the way I look and how it makes me feel. The guy from upstairs clearly didn’t have anything special planned for me, so I have to work double as hard achieving what I want. Maybe he thought that I’d be happy with hair loss and thin hair, skin problems, a very sun sensitive pale skin, a square face (think of Sponge Bob Square Pants and you get the point), very thick ankles, broad feet, very chubby legs, blubbery arms, the tiniest bladder, and not too many brain cells. Well I don’t think it's that much fun. That is why my new years resolution was to try and improve my self –esteem. Sure I can lose some weight and try to look better, but the bottom line is that if you can’t work with what you’ve got, you have nothing.
I realized this some nights ago when I was at my friend M's place. She is tall, blonde, smart, and wasn’t exactly Oliver Twist growing up. My self-esteem nearly always sinks when I’m with people I belive are completely out of my league. But when we watched some pictures of some people, I realized that even when I hate my self as much as I do, things could be a lot worse. And I mean A LOT! If people who really aren’t that lucky, still are happy and pleased with themselves, can work with what they got, then so should I! I’d like to stop putting my self down, and now I found a trick that kinda helps. Comparing myself to someone less fortunate isn’t a permanent solution, but it helps me put things into perspective. Not because I put other people down, but because it is inspiring. I hope that one day I'd be more of a positive person!
Any tips on how to get rid off bad self-esteem, please speak up.

Max Azria A/W 1011

This is a nice collection! Minimalistic, nice colores and nice shoes. And still a bit rock with the leather... My winter wardrobe for next winter!
Pictures stolen from

Monday, February 22, 2010

Front row LWF

I was just checking out pictures from LFW, and I stumbled across this picture of Olivia Palermo, at Topshop Unique. She is stunning as always, and her outfit is, again, eforlessly chic.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Maya hi, maya ho

And I would wear all my new Asos stuff with these Acne Maya babies!
No, I still want the Acne Atacomas as well, but these would be nice too.


These are my most critical Asos cravings. Not the pretty ladies, but the clothes they are wearing. It’s not fun to sit at home Saturday night, looking at things you want to buy…when you have NO money! I hope someone out there realizes that I have blog, where I write about stuff that I need, and seizes the opportunity to get me something I want…anyone?
Didn't think so...

Friday, February 19, 2010


his is from the March issue of American Vogue. I think it is very beautiful, and has a kind of an Avatar feeling to it.
I have a thing for potophshoots in the outdoors...
Find the rest of the pictures here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Plastic fantastic!

Heidi Montag...Pratt...well the other half of Speidi. Where should I start :)? Well, I just wanted to talk about my recent discovery, Heidi Montags plastic surgery. I was aware that she has had some work done before, like her nose for example, but now she’s gone totally overboard.
I have very mixed feelings for Heidi. I liked her in the beginning of The Hills. But then came Spencer, and downhill it went, fast! But even if I disliked her for not seeing the evil in Spencer, I still loved the way she looked. She was actually a blond I preferred. I thought she was pretty before, but then she got her nose fixed and dyed her hair playboy blonde. I actually thought, amazing as it is, that she was SO PRETTY! Take a look yourself.

Yes, not only had she her nose done, she had her boobs done aswell. She now has a tripple D. I have no comment on that. But this is a picture of the first Heidi, and the secon version of her (my favourite version).
But isn't She pretty? I thought she was perfect. 

But noooo, now she want's to look like playboy Paris Hilton. HerClose up...she has kind of a lazy eye going on…I hope for her sake that it's post surgery swollenness.
So sad, but oh so true. This is Heidi "not addicted to surgery" Montag today.
I vote for the picture on the left. What do you think?
Close up...she has kind of a lazy eye going on…I hope for her sake that it's post surgery swollenness.

And for those of you who don’t know who Heidi Montag is, take a look at this video. And if not for the interest in the subject, then for pure amusement.
And in this video, she actually talks about inner beauty. Thihiii, seriously, check it out!

And in this interview with Access Hollywood., she talks about what she had done. I think it’s worth your time…;)
She kinda looks like Jade, Brodys’ girlfriend, from The Hills. Not an improvement...

Plastic makes perfect, or does it?

The End

Where have I been all weekend? I know you all are dying to know what I have been up to and why I haven’t updated. Well, I’ve been busy, quite busy actually. My time spent at home has been extremely limited, so blogging has been out of the question. But enough with the blah blah.

Friday, after I came home, I blogged for a while and then I power napped. After my precious beauty sleep I met up with my homies S and L, to celebrate L’s birthday (which she had way back when…). We went to check out the activities on Fashion Night Out. We found ourselves in the middle of a crowd behind Cheap Monday, hungering for Tiger beers. We got our beers but no barbecued sausages… Too bad. We continued into Bruuns Bazaar, where we got some cider, yum, and a free goodie bag. I’ll show you later what was in it. Then we went into Cheap Monday, where I went all in, and splurged for 120kr! I got a pair of velvet pants and a dress for 20kr. Pics coming later. After being in various stores, we went home and got some sushi take-away. An excellent ending to a nice evening.

Saturday. Same old same old in Bella Center. When I came home it was shower time, BIG time! Then pizza time. When we finished with our exotic piece of heaven, me T and L that is, we took a cab to Pumpehuset. Here Bibi Ghost was having her show and afterparty. The show was cool, or the theme was Alice in Wonderland, which made it cool. BUT, the models were not models, so it kinda ruined it for me. I really understood the importance of models. If the clothes are not presented right, the glamour and appeal disappears. Otherwise the clothes were surprisingly nice, and I could see myself wearing many of the pieces. Nicely done Bibi!

(I only have crappy pictures, taken with my iPhone...left my camera at home)

iPod battle is apparently the shit now.

The after party was fun! I would have liked to stay, but my alarm clock would not have been loud enough to wake me the next day. So I left. Buu me.

Sunday was chill. Bella Centre had the last shows and after that we “cleaned”. When I came home it was lights out immediately. Then at 6 PM I dragged my tired ass out of bed and into the buss. I was at my friends’ place the whole evening, that was nice and chill, and I was home again around 1 AM.

                                          Fashion week has officially ended :(

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wictor the Farmerboy

Okay I promised to post some pictures of the übercool model Wictor.
Or at least I thought he was cool. He turned out to be…yeah...somewhat of an obnoxious type. Okay it was like this. He has been really nice all week, and Saturday he came with me and E to a book signing (The dude behind Facehuner), and afterwards we just wondered around CPH and had a really great time. He was the most laidback and humble person, but then Sunday, our last day, he just changed. All of a sudden he was this stuck-up dude, who couldn’t even say hi, or goodbye for that matter. I guess it’s because he’s so “famous” and he meets so many people that he can afford not to care. But in my world it’s still considered rude. But whatever. His style is not to be mistaken of, and even if I now don’t like him as a person anymore, I still worship his divine looks. Check this out.

This is Victor in his civil outfit. I love the hooker stockings.

You gotta love his bling, and the classy Netto-bag.

Strike a pose.
This is Wictor giving a variety of Vogue-poses. I only got the Italian Vogue-pose on camera.

This picture I stole from Spotdingblog. He showed us this silver bodychain, the day after he broke it. It was a showpiece, but I can’t remember wherefrom.
He told us that he makes his own shoes and clothes as well. He showed some pics, and I was impressed. He had taken the pictures himself, of himself, where he had done his own hair and make-up…and the outfit of course. I wish I could get a hold of them pics...Cool dude huh?

Friday, February 12, 2010

CFW Friday

Today everything went smooth, as planned. Now I’m gonna nap again, since I’m really beat from yesterday. We had a nice evening with a lot of cocktails, and apparently shots after I left. I was home late and had to get up early. Whine whine…
On the agenda later today I have Fashion Night Out. Hope it’s gonna be swell! But here I give you some pics from what has happened so far today.
 Cool and bored.
Nanna and her model Amanda.
Eline and the worlds coolest guy Victor. I will show you some pictures later, but trust me, he might just be THE coolest thing I've ever seen!

Have a nice day. Later y'all!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

CFW Thursday

Today we had two shows. One at 11AM and one at 2PM. It is starting to go really smooth and I’m impressed with my dressing skills. 10 Points to me.
Hair and make-up

Mandatory group picture. The models are looking sweet!

When the shows were over, I came home for 45minutes, where I napped for 30, and then I was off again to some event at my school. KEA had promised goodie bags, but  disappointingly they didn’t have that many. And the event wasn’t all that either…It was only some pictures of fashionable people on the walls and that’s pretty much it. I got TWO Läkerol pastill cases though. BUT, they had some cool guests!

KEA in chillmode.
My firend Maria I was there with. Check out her braindead blog here. (No it's not braindead, I'm just teasing with ya mate;) It's tha shit!)
Take a load of these hot babes! What coolness drugs have they been taking? I just had to get their picture! When I get old, I’m gonna be at least just as fabulous as they are. They sure are bringing sexy back.  
And the cool thing is, the outfits are totally coordinated. I suspect they are twins, if not, then sisters.

Now I'm gonna eat, and later I will join the girls at café Stella for some cocktails. But no drunken ho ho'ing for me tonight. I feel a certain responsibility, I must see, that to tomorrow, my model is not gonna walk the catwalk in her nude...

CFW Wednesday

On Wednesday, that was yesterday, we had our first trend show. It was “the most important one of ALL”, because it was the one show that opened Copenhagen Fashion Week. And of course because the press was there, obviously. It went really well, no one messed up and everybody kept their shoes on and no one showed any nipples and other unnecessary stuff. t was in other words a great success. The press liked it, and it seems that all the effort had paid off, since it was told that is was the best show so far. Well done CIFF. And well done me, without me my model would have been naked! It was overall a fun day, and I like the adrenalin rush during the shows, will we make it, will we will we?! I’m SO doing this again if I get the chance.
Here you have some backstage footage, this is where all the shit goes down. Enjoy.

KEA (my school) has invaded The Bella Centre.

This is my rack, and my model is Veneda.

Say hello to Miss Gorgeous! She is my model and now my muse. Veneda is 17, and has been modelling since she was 13. Get a load of that! I think there are some Russian beauty genes in her, I think I heard her speak Russian once...I'm not sure, but I will find out. She is totally pro, and she is moving to New York when she finishes school. Coolness. She is gonna walk a million shows this week and I think she will kill in them, especially in the Stine Goya show...aaahhhh...
This is just before the show starts, walking make-up studio. I want one too!

Gone with the wind

Alexander The Master McQueen, RIP!
Why he chose to do what he did, I don’t know, but he will be missed!

Say my name say my name

I have been back and forth. Do I wanna change my blogname? What do you think? Photonista or Photofashionista?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I was so busy Monday that I didn’t have time to write about what I did. So here it comes :) I was so lucky to be able to join the team behind the trend show at the Bella Centre. From today on until Sunday I will be dressing my model Veneda before and during the fashion shows, for Copenhagen Fashion Week.
When we first started out it was really difficult. The time is limited to the absolute minimum and there are so many pieces of clothes she is supposed to wear, it is almost impossible. But after we’d practised for some time it started to go really smooth. I’m really pleased that I got this opportunity, since volunteer work is really hard to get during fashion week. Thank you CIFF! Here are some pictures of the try-outs on Monday.
DR came too to see what's up. Maybe you'll see me on TV.