Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Feeling a bit cold, maybe I should go for a spicy thai noodle soup...? But mama made salmon:/
I made this soup a couple of weeks ago. And, I'll make it again fo shou. Damn good!

Friday, September 24, 2010


I am for the first time in a very long time looking forward to Christmas. Because… I won’t be spending it at home! It has finally been confirmed (bought the tickets today:) that this year’s Christmas is going to be warm, sunny and very far far far away! Guess where I’m going;)? One month baby…!

Can you imagine the smile on my face;)?

Monday, September 20, 2010

CPH, I miss you!

It's a dead awful monday and I work sucks... I'm dreaming myself back to the small joys of life.. For example going to a bar with my friends in CPH, drinking my brains out. God I miss home:/

I haven't been drunk in what feels like forever, you know, like really drunk. These pictures make my mouth water...:) 
Pictures taken at Francis Pony.

Sunday, September 19, 2010


Since my last winter jacket is long gone, meaning it lays somewhere on a dump yard, it is crucial that I find myself a new winter jacket. It is no secret that I have been longing for the sheepskin aviator Burberry thing (ripoff), but I have also fallen in love with the idea of having a army green parka jacket. One that is long for once. So I was out jacket hunting yesterday, and  I found some potential buys. Or, I bought two jackets...because they had some only-this-weekend-offers... and if I decide to keep them, well, then I guess I have saved some money. BUT, this is where I need you help! To keep or not to keep?! Or to buy or not to buy?! Please help...?

So this is one of the jackets I bought. Very comfy and the price was (79.95e - 10.00e offer) 69.95e. So please compare it the best you can the to the last 3 pictures. To keep or not to keep?!

So this is the second jacket I bought, a green parka, with the price of (59.96-10.00e offer) 49.95e. I think I really love it! A keeper?

Option number two in the category aviator a la Burberry. This one was from Carlings and I found it after I bought the other ones. It is slightly more expensive, shorter, and thicker. The price was 89.95e I think...? Which one is better? To buy or not to buy?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Weekend, yes!

I just wanted to wish you all a lovely weekend! 
I will spend mine dreaming about the camera I'm going to buy... Pleaaaseee come in stores soon!? Anybody heard of Nikon d7000? Let me know, so I don't make the wrong decision;)
Ciao! <3 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pumpkin soup

Since the weather is so dreadfull, I had to make a winter-dish; soup.
So, I made pumpkin soup. And let me tell you, as gross as it sounds, it was de-licious!

Adding coconut milk, ginger, lime and lots of chili gives it an asian twist. And if you top it of with home roasted pumpkin seeds from the same pumpkin, you will have a delicious, healthy and crispy topping. Just a little tip:)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Syster Retro

How have I not heard anything about this genius site before now? Praise the lord Facebook, and it's news feed, because this was were I struck gold!
Syster Retro, Sister Retro to you non swedish talking people, is a web shop created by Johanna, whom I went to school with back in the days, and her sister Catti. The concept is that they do all the work by going to all the flea-markets, secondhand shops, vintage stores... whatever treasure chests there may be, and dig out all the goods. They then mesure them, style them, take pictures of them, and sell them online! How brilliant is that? Now I don't have to go to all the smelly secondhand stores and waste my time not finding anything. I will simply click on the website and see what's new in Secondhand fashion. And they also show you how you can style it, so you can save your precious braincells for something more useful (like what to wear tomorrow..?).

Seems kinda pro..:)
Check it out, if not for buying, then for pure inspiration. Follow their blog on Systerretro.blogspot.com or buy online on systerretro.com.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Why is it over already?!

I just finished watching the newest episode of GP, which came out today by the way. It's going to be a rough week, waiting for the next episode! Already in this one we got introduced to 3 new characters, and it seems like one of them is as psycho as Georgina Sparks. I think this season is going to be as fab as the rest of them! Thank god GP is back!

Bisou Bisou,
Gossip Girl.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Russian fur-hat

Yes Giselle, you copy cat, you work that hat pretty well! But I have been looking for the perfect fur hat ever since I two years ago decided NOT to buy one for 5€ (?!?!), so I guess you will see mee with one soon. I hope... but I think it's going to be pretty hard since I hear fur is the shit this season. Julie, always listen to your gut, and not to some random person clearly uninterested in fashion... Damnit.

Pictures from Fashiongonerouge.com

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Gina bling.

Uhlala Gina Tricot left me drooling for some more of their bling! But I did buy a new ring though...;) As some of you may know, I do love bows!
Malin and I are now ring-buddies...thihii

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Bleached vintage denim shirt,H&M scarf, San Antonio sleeveless knit, DIY shorts, my new belt(WAS my moms), Converse shoes and Guess watch.   

Friday, September 10, 2010

ANTM Whoop!

Hey hey hey, did anyone of you see the first episode of the new season of Americas Next Top Model? I did! And uhlalaaa it was good! When Tyra sais that they have raised the bar, it seems like they definately have! ITALAN VOGUE?!? Zac posen?!?!? Diane Von Furstenberg shows?!?! I am like a happy kid at christmas eve clapping my fat little fingers when I see this. This is great! 
I hope it won't dissapoint me now, since Miss Tyra promised HIGH fashion, and I demand high fashion... and an awesome TV-show.
I heart ANTM fo shizzle!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Åbo strikes again!

I love my friend Malins outfit! She works that maxi effortless, and it makes me rethink the whole maxi thing. I firmly believed that a maxi wasn't for me, but it looked o damn comfy..?!?! Should I give it a go? We'll se :)

White tee, black maxi-dress, converse and jewelry. Keeping it simple, but not playing it safe.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Luckily for me, the show must go on:) And the new season airs today! Wuhuu! 
Aaaah the small joys of life...!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

H&M wants

I stopped by the local H&M for a few minutes before work the other day, and these were the things that caught my eye. I didn't have time to work trough the entire H&M, but I just guess it was for the best. Money well saved...?

But, I hear something about these amazing blue pumps appearing around week 45? How awesome is that! Yup, gotta have them.
Picture taken from emsedge.feshnet.se.

Meanwhile my dream jacket has bee sold out (the leather aviator jacket from the cover of H&M Magazine you know). Surprise! But it's too expensive anyway;) So I'll just keep dreaming on. Nighty Night! 
(My pump, my pumps my pumps my pumps, my lovely suede pumps...zzzz...)

Monday, September 6, 2010

Asos dreams..expencive dreams...

These are some things I wouldn't mind... Maybe I'll find some buget lookalikes on flea-markets and in second hand shops...? The capes are SO tempting! Julie be strong...

Aren't they yummy?

And the shoe, not so asos like, and I like!

But I wont do it! My money goes only to one purpose. A camera. I have (almost) come to the conclusion that it's either going to be an Canon Eos 550 or a Nikon 9D. Anyone have any tips on what to choose and why:)?
All tips are welcome.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

True of false?


H&M is proud to announce that its next designer collaboration will be with Lanvin, one of the most influential brands of the 21st century. Designed by Lanvin’s artistic director Alber Elbaz, and menswear designer Lucas Ossendrijver, the collection will go on sale on November 23 in around 200 H&M stores worldwide. The collection of both womenswear and menswear will be revealed to the world on November 2, just three weeks before the clothes hit the store, making the launch of Lanvin for H&M among the most anticipated fashion events of the year.

I dont believe it! If it's true I'll die abd go to heaven, but if it's not, it was only a dream...
PLEASE let it be true!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


I am in love with the styling on Ida Sjöstedt's show! That orange lipstick color is just what I have been looking for! And I haven't succeeded I see now, because comparing my "orange" lipsticks to this color, I see all mine are like coral/raspberry/pink with a touch. So the quest for the perfect color continues...