Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Please AA, Pimp my nails!

I am fully and utterly in love with the new American Apparel nail polishes! The colors are so yummy and I would love to have each and every one of them. The colors just scream American Apparel, so no wonder I adore them. Come to mama.

A la la la Long

Saturday was Long’s surprise party. It was a lot of fun! Or the parts I remember from the evening… I was extremely wasted, but I guess that’s the way it goes sometimes:) Or at least my shoes are evidence of a very wild night…
But this is what I was wearing:
Bodystocking from Føtex, laced bra from Sonia Rykiel for H&M, necklace Arena CPH, DIY shorts, leggings Vero Moda and shoes (that are gonners) from H&M.

Sunday, omg...my hangover was the worst in a really long time! I had to cook dinner for six people, and my my my it was a huge challenge to even get up and go to  Netto to buy groceries, without sharing my last nights dinner with every one... But I managed to make a splendid dinner, salmon lasagne with a salad and home made bread, and I managed to almost forget all about my horrifying hangover and enjoy the good company and I ended up having one of the most “hyggelige” evenings! Hygge rules!
Yesterday I slept until I had to go to work, and that was how I spent my easterholiday Monday.
Soon it's all work and no play makes Julie a dull girl.. Have a nice day! <3

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here are some pictures of an outfit I wore before going to work. Nothing special, going grey, but it's nice to be casual soetimes:)
Sweater from Topshop, jeans from JC, bag from H&M (men's department).

Friday, March 26, 2010

I heart Lena

Look what my roommate came home with. And guess whose it is? MINE! I saw this dress a while ago, with my roomie, in Rude on Frederiksborggade, and it was love at first sight. I don’t know if you know this, but I have weakness for bows and baby doll dresses. Well this dress is a two in one package, and the color is just a bonus. Obviously I couldn’t afford then, but apparently the waiting paid of:)

I styled it with my studded leather belt from Jimmy Choo for H&M, just to get an idea...

It was a pre birthday present or something. I don’t know if my roomie gets it, but I am SO happy. I love it and I love her. And I love the fact that the dress fits perfectly! Thank you Lena!! <3 Looking forward to wear it!
So this pretty much seals the deal of a perfect day.

DIY Shorts

Today was a day of victory, I finished my shorts! Overall I’m pretty pleased, even though they could have been better, like in the seems and stuff, but since I am a beginner, I forgive myself for not making them perfect.
But, I will tell you, they were a lot of work!! If you haven’t sewn anything before, don’t make anything like these if you don’t have anyone to hold your hand during the process. I had my teachers help me, and I would not have made it without them. So thank you for my new shorts.
Do you like them?
I'm very pleased with my choice of button. A leopard print for beige shorts. So maybe I do have an eye for detail;)
After we showed off our creations at school, we were rewarded with cake, soda, and easter eggs. So pretty much an awesome day at school.

Have a nice Easter holiday, those of you who have one:) 


This is what I wore to school today. And the sun was shining:)

Layers coming off...
Leather jacket Provider, vintage blazer, "ripped" tee from Gina Tricot, shorts from Jessie James in New Jersey, vintage belt, leggings Gina Tricot and shoes from Dope.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Another today's outfit. Pretty casual but with a "summery" dress to celebrate spring coming. Nice to be able to go outside with only a "thin" jacket and not freeze your butt off.

Cardigan Gina Tricot, Dress from Indiska, leggings H&M and earrings from Gina Tricot.

Now shower, then bed, so I can get a decent nights sleep before dragging my tired ass out of bed early tomorrow morning. My shorts are screaming for a zipper and a lining, let's see if I can pull that one off...
Nighty night!

The City

Maria tipped me yesterday about the new season of the City. More drama and fashion makes me as excited as a kid before christmas eve, and I can't WAIT for the second season to air 27 of April. Looking forward to hate/love Olivia even more, and I’m eager to see whose ideas she is going to steal now. Why she is such a bitch is a mystery, but the girls got taste, you got to give her that.
Will Whitney make it as a designer? Will Roxy get her nose out of Whitney’s (ass) business? Will Oliviazilla take over Erin’s job at Elle? And what ever happened to our beloved Jay and Ally and Adam? And speaking of what happened, where is Erin (the other Erin, Whitney's old roommate)?!? I loved her...
I heart the City. Do you?
This is Erin (the first). I would love to have what she is wearing. And I would like to see more of her in The City.
There is just one thing I don't get; why is it called Season 2?? We have already had 2 seasons..shouldn't it by any normal logic be the third season? Just asking...


My day was spent in school, sewing my shorts. I was dressed like this:
Denim dress from H&M, short black shirt from Topshop, Caridagn from Topshop, leggings Gina Tricot. Nailpolis from Chanel "Orange Fizz".

After school I came home, spent some quality time, approximately 12 minutes in total, before I was of to work.
This was how I looked like at work today (minus the stupid facial expressions).

I've just gotten home, it's twelve o'clock and I'm beat. So good night, sweet dreams my dearest’s.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Chuck Bass

...What a fool you are! It was so predictable...argh!!

...Clash of the Titans...

Many models are turning over to acting, and guess what, Natalia Vodianova is no exception. She is staring in a movie I didn't expect to see her in... Clash of the Titans... I just don't know what to say. She is not playing Aphrodite, or any other Greek goddess, which I thought she would, no, she is playing the ugly snake-head demon Medusa. Why? Well you gotta give her credit for wanting to step outside the box. But, can she act? See for yourself. 
I must say I didn't see that one coming. Would the fact that the movie is staring Natalia Vodianova make you want to see the movie (moore)?
This, my friends, is a computer made version of Natalia Vodianova as the not so fashionable Medusa. Or maybe she is gonna set a new trend...? Dreadlocks, anyone?

Summer in H&M?

I went a little overboard with the accessories, but I sure would like everything here.
And this bra?!?! I must have it, it's gorgeous! Thankyou Ida Filippa

Monday, March 22, 2010

A Single Man

I came home for about an hour ago, and man I’m beat! I’ve been in school from 9.00 to 16.00, making my shorts, praying they are going to turn out even somewhat as planned. I doubt it, but at least now I know that sewing and constructing are my strongest qualities. I will of course post pictures here of the disaster/success shorts, when I “finish”.
After school I went home to Maria, who lives at Østerbro (if you ever want to Krak her up). We talked, ate yummy dinner and went to the movies, to see A Single Man. Nice nice weird nice. Colin Firth is amazing, and the role could not be played by anyone else than him. I must say I was impressed. The movie was sad and deep, and I liked the way it was filmed. The movie is directed by Tom Ford, who is a virgin in the film industry… but did surprisingly well. The movie is filmed in a very 50-60’s vibe, and in a very Tom Ford kinda way, meaning that the leading roles might as well be out of a Tom Ford campaign. But it was very appropriate for this movie, and it gets a big thumbs up from me. Go see it.
Mr. Ford doing the Tom Ford thing.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Miss Banks

Now being on the subject Tyra Banks, I searched YouTube for anything related to her weight loss. Did you know that she is now size 8, and that she lost 4 sizes? That’s amazing. Well the only clips I found were some clips from her shows, where she talks about other people’s weight loss, and this one. This one is a video with pictures of celebrities’ weight loss, and the first pictures are of Tyra. The other pictures are just for fun. I thought you might wanna see some before and after pic's, just to get a clue of what the hell I an talking about:)

And here you have a fev pic's I found. I heart Tyra Banks. Kinda.


Before and after:

And then, slimmer:

She is pretty, but she was pretty when she was bigger aswell.
You see what I mean?
But rock on Miss Fierce.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


If there is something I'm addicted to, it is ANTM. I love love loooove it, and I just can't seem to get enough. I raid surfthechannel.com on regular basis, just to make sure I don't miss the new cycles. And guess what, cycle 14 is out!!!!!
I really like the “models” in this cycle, and I have already found some favourites. Jessica, the beauty princess from Arkansas, is without a doubt one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen! Seriously, at first you get distracted by the high school cheerleader act and southern accent, but seriously, I LOVE her! They dyed her hair dark brown, and wow. The first photo shoot, wow, she is like a pro. So now she and Raina (who looks like a Denise Richards in a cool model way, with bushy eyebrows) are my absolute favourites. Stay tuned.
Now let’s talk about Tyra Banks. She started out thin, coz she was a model… Then she got kinda big..? And now, she has become thinner and slimmer in the last cycles, and in this cycle, cycle 14, she is so skinny! I kinda like it, coz it seems like she has gotten more of a high fashion style, if you know what I mean. Before she had a very plane American way of dressing, but now she is sophisticated and more fashion forward; clean cuts and nice details. A new Tyra, I’m intrigued.
Can’t wait until the next episode!!

Here are my favorite models from the previous cycles;

Naima Cycle 4

Allison, the nose blood girl from cycle 12

Nicole the stunning stoner from cycle 13

Who isn't a sucker for Americas next top model? :)


Yesterday was fun! Me and the girls went for dinner at M’s place, and from there we continued to Islands Brygge Bowling :). I sucked as usual, and I had the whole of two hours to improve myself, but as I suspected, that turned out to be quite impossible. Never mind the sucking, I had a great time. I recommend bowling, it is a forgotten activity I think.
I didn’t bring my camera, so I don’t have any bowling in action shots, but I managed to take pictures of what I wore.
DIY bleached second hand denim shirt, H&M nude tee, Gina Tricot skirt, random grey stockings, Jimmy Choo for H&M shoes.

Earrings Gina Tricot, Nailpolis in blood red from some cheap shop (??) and light pink lips in fuchsia from Lancôme.

The Jimmy Choos again.


I love owls. Not in a pet kinda way, but I just think they are so unbelievably cool. So when I find something with an owl print, or jewellery with owl motives, I go nuts. I want to buy everything. All of these pictures are from ebay, and if I wasn’t so incredibly poor, I would have bought at least half of the ebay owls.
And this one is from Asos.
And this one is cool too, but can't remember where I found it...If you look close at the print, you will see a flying pig. And why is it again that I don't own this tee??

These fantastically beautiful cups are from Iittala, and are some of the only precious
 owl things I own, but they sure are nice;). They were Christmas gift… Now I just need the rest of the remaining plates and bowls and stuff. Santa baby…?!?


Ladies and gentlemen, Kate Moss has done it again. These photos really prove why she is a supermodel.
I would like these pictures to come and acompany the other pictures I have on my wall, please.
Good night.

Friday, March 19, 2010


I feel like dressing very comfy these days...hmmm...But anyway this is what I wore today.
Vintage Blazer, Tee from H&M organic cotton line, jeans Vila, watch Guess and random silver rings.


Beige is the new black. I took this picture two days ago in Zara. The colors are so inspirational, and I just thought I’d show you this nice color palette.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

(My) New over-knee boots.

Yesterday I was in H&M with my roomie, and omg, I found something that I now crave more than life itself!! Over-knee boots, yes sir, suede over-knee boots. Almost love at first sight. But only almost, because I dare not love boots before I’ve tried them on…
I think my prayers have been heard! But the hearing comes with a price, naturally, 799,- to be exact. But I don’t care. This is the first time I can get my oversized chubby stubby legs into over-knee boots, and trust me, I have tried! The over-knee boot is still going strong in many autum-winter collections, so I trust I’m doing the right thing buying a pair of overly awesome over-knee boots. Juhuu!
You like?

DIY Bleach

I decided it was time to try and bleach my Timberland denim shirt. I bought it in a second hand store, and it cost me nearly nothing, so I thought it might just be the perfect try-out project. I really like the light denim that is seen everywhere right now, and a denim shirt is a must. I have the shirt, but the color is way too dark and…wintery. So I grabbed the shirt, a bucket and some chlorine; my shirt was to get a new life.

Step 1. Pick out the shirt. Read the care label and check if it is allowed to be bleached. If it has a little triangle, that means no bleaching since the fibers are likely to break) Well mine had a triangle, but I figured I’d try anyway. Denim is made to be bleached, right…?
Step 2. Put the object in a bucket with water and chlorine. At first I did as the chlorine bottle instructions said, 1dl in about 10l of water. Nothing happened. I left it to soak over night and nothing. I took it out and mixed new bleach water, with a lot more chlorine in it. And tadaaa, things started to happen. With every hour you could see the shirt getting lighter. Remember to make sure that the entire shirt is covered with “water”, otherwise the color could get uneven. My solution to that, our mop, to keep the shirt under the surface.
 Step 3. Take it out when accomplished the preferred color. Make sure to wash the shirt properly to get the chlorine out so it doesn’t damage your other clothes. Let it dry. This is the color I got, and I left it to soak over night. BUT, what’s up with all the blue spots?? Not once did the shirt come above the surface, and still it is unequally bleached..!! I can’t describe if I think it is übercool or money down the drain…The overall color is really nice though. One thing is for sure, this shirt a la Julie, is one of a kind.
What do you think?

H&M Garden Colection

I have heard a lot of fuss about the H&M ”Garden Collection”, and seen some of the items here and there, and so I thought I might check out the whole collection online. It is actually pretty nice… It’s really summery and you just wanna hop around all tanned on a beach somewhere, where it is sunny and warm that is… So you all have seen the collection, but here are my favourites, and if some of the items were magically to appear in my closet tomorrow, I wouldn’t complain;) Just saying…
The last two styles are of course sold out. I first saw the colourful tunika on Elin Kling, in her pictures from her trip to Malaysia. No wonder I feel like running around on a paradise beach all tanned and summery! She is something that Kling girl, and her wardrobe is of the hook!