Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Yesterday was a real summerholiday chillaxing day! I started my day with going to the park, where I, after trying hard not to, fell a sleep in the sun. My back is as red as the danish flag, with a white stripe in the middle as the cross. I guess I never learn... But there's nothing I can do about it now so...
In the evening I went to Maria's, where we made SANGRIA (I LOOOVE SANGRIA!!) and sallads. We then went to the park and had a picnic. So nice! That's what summer is all about! Getting tipsy in the park, enjoying the sun in good company, and making spontaneous plans:)
Dress Forever21, shoes DinSko, bag H&M FAA, Guess watch and Rayban sunnies.


Sunday, June 27, 2010


I am so jelous! The first time I saw this nail art thing on Elins fingers I was sold! I want it done so badly, so that I can have as fierce nails as these chics;

Funda from Bytheway


This is a nail art called Minx that you get done by pros, so it's no magic nailpolish. I whish it were.... I wold love to get my nails done.
Anyone who knows a nail artis who does this for free? Anyone...?
Frustrationdotcom !

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Long day at work!
Wearin very casual clothes; pants, bag and scarf H&M, cardigan Gina Tricot, top Samsøe&Samsøe, fringe sandals from DinSko and sunglasses from Rayban.

And I'm out the door in one minute. I have to go buy some milk and a delicious meal for tonight. Hmmm... I'm thinking cup nudels and Coke Zero?

 Well, bye!

Crows and tits

Tom Ford eye wear campaign.

If my face could bear  round glasses I would buy something like these. But as earlier said, my face is like Spunge Bob Square Pants' face. Not look so good with roung glasses...:(

Loving the eye wear and loving the crows and the picture, the whole setup.
She loves the birds too! And the birds love her.
A bit too much maybe? What happened?? Why is she feeding her tit to the evil black bird?! EW!

Friday, June 25, 2010


So the festival fuzz begins... My room mate just left for Roskilde festival, and left me here to rot..:( I'm so jelous, I would really like to go to Roskilde, but I can't aford it! It's a cruel world I live in. Atleast I have work tomorrow at 9.Am, so I have something to look forward to... NOT!

Sweet dreams.

On second thought...

Danish dynamite

Not anymore! It was embarrassing to watch the game between DK and JPN yesterday. That game gave Denmark a well deserved ticket back home, even though we all hoped that they would have played even just a tiny bit better. But you can't always win (especially when you have so many huge fuck ups!)...I hope they will do better next time, but I think they have to lose at least one player (ehem Jon ehem ehem!!) and recruit some new and young victory thirsting players.
Well I'm not going to babble on about the bad results in the World Cup, I just had to let you know that I am a bit frustrated that's all.
 It would have been nice to be at the city square and see the Danish team win, but obviously that wasn't the case. The atmosphere was cheerful until 15 before the end, but it was impossible to keep up the spirit when watching Denmark get their ass kicked by a bunch of Hondas.
Anyway, that was what I did yesterday, and even though I wore the only red(/white) thing I had in my closet, it didn't bring any luck at all. But I had a chance to wear my "church dress" from 6'th grade:).
Dress very old, leather jacket Provider, leather fringe bag Black Lily, shoes very old, belt Jimmy Choo for H&M, rhino ring ebay and snakering vintage

Thursday, June 24, 2010


I was just surfing around some photography blogs, and I came across these pictures. And they were just too cute, so Ihad to show them to you! :)

Midsommers eve

Was spent in Hredriksberg garden, were we saw the witch get burned. It was nice:) This is what I was wearing.

Shirt and belt vintage, shorts Jessie James NYC, leggings Monki, shoes Vagabond, watch Guess.
Earrings Julie Sandlau, rings vintage and Pold design.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Tuesday last week was fun! We had a work barbeque at Signes place, in the heart of Nørrebronx, where we spent our evening laughing, eating, throwing things at seagulls (who tried to steal my chicken wings?!?!) and drinking.
Boys will be boys...
Of course we all ended up being very tipsy, and we continued on to a bar called Understellet, a place that is open when everything else is closed (which pretty much says it all…). After deciding to go home around 5, I met some friends outside, who convinced me to come and feed the ducks with them.
I thought it was a brilliant idea, and so I went to feed the ducks (and some very angry swans).
I was home around 6 in the morning, and the next day was shopping day for Tanja. I must say I wasn’t feeling all that good, but nothing two cold Cocios can’t take care of!

Now I got to run, gotta go and see a friend of mine:) And also to see if H&M has those pants I've been dreaming of...;) See ya!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Uuh I accidentally clicked on Nué’s sale page, bad move! But luckily, they don’t have these wonders of silk pants in my size… I would probably have bought them, coz they are now only 150kr! And the dress is a leather dress in a peculiar color, and you can get it for 300kr. 300kr is too much for a broke ass like me, but the 150kr I could have pooped out from somewhere. Oh well…

Blueberry, my favourite!

Look, I made pie! Saturday, I had Maria over for some homemade burgers, fotball night (DK-Camoroun) and finnish blueberry pie. Good company, Denmark won and my pie ruled! What more can you ask for:)?
There is no doubt that blueberry is my ultimate favourite fruit/berry, and I have had sush cravings for it for a long time now. So blueberrypie it was:)

Now I have to leave for work...Outsh my feet. Saturday I was working from 9-18 and then I had Maria over for dinner, and Sunday I was working from 9-19...so maybe that's why it has been slightly quiet here on the blog..Oh yeah and friday was mega hangoverday... I've been bysy!:) Have a super day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

True Blood

Finally!!!!!! Fuck yeah! :) I <3 True Blood! 

Now espisode 1, season 3! WUHUU!!!

Ring bearer

Newest editions to my collection of rings:)

Skull ring found in a girls toilet at a bar (very late at night) and my beloved gold rhino ring from ebay, for under 80kr.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Uh temptations..

Those temptations, they drive me crazy! Can't resist, MUST resist...!
Went shopping for my friend yesterday, coz her closet is non-existing:) We found a LOT of ultra nice stuff for her, not enough in my opinnion but it's a start;) I was pretty good, I only bought a pair of Cheap Monday jeans from Weekday for 175kr, and god knows I needed jeans. But I would love to have come home with these items aswell...

Wooden/suede shoes from Zara. 1149kr, outch...
 Silk tunic/tee from Zara. 449kr. I WANT!
Wedges from Weekday, 400kr. Grrr...
And wooden shoes from H&M.

Sexy Summer

Cameron Russell by Greg Kadel for Vogue Germany July 2010.
See the rest of the pictures here.

Erin Heatherton by Rennio Maifredi for Marie Claire Italia June 2010.

See the rest of the pictures here.

Marloes Horst for Princesse Tam Tam Swimwear 2010.

See the rest of the campaign here.

Turquoise water, warm summery nights, tanned skin and sun. I'm dreaming my self away for now. Sweet dreams!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Coupones and discount

Are words I like! Who wouldn't like to get more value for less money?
I have for some time ago discovered the site Downtown.dk, where I joined, and I now get an email every day, with different offers. It's a great way to save money, and if you don’t know the site, check it out. I made my first purchase of a downtown.dk offer last week, where I bought 3 yoga classes for Nalini Hot Yoga, for the value of 250kr, for only 125kr! I am so excited and I am looking forward to see if the new hit of Hot Yoga is something for me!

Click on the picture to see it better. The text tells you how to get the offer aswell;)
The people behind Nalini Hot Yoga had such a good response on the offer, and it seems like there has been some requests for a similar offer. So they now have given those who missed out on the offer an extra chance to try out Nalini Hot Yoga! Go for it:)

Today I also purchased the offer for one year of Cover and a Kevin Murphy organic shampoo and balsam. The value is 1078kr and I paid 189kr. What a deal! One year of one of the best Danish magazines? Uh I’m broke but an offer like that is too good to miss;)! Unfortunately the offer seems to be sold out now. As they say, the early bird catches the worm!

 Well I am also now the proud owner of the book called Two for One. It is a book that I got as a birthday gift (two months late though:) from work, and it is filled with delicious offers! Two for one gives the possibility for two people to experience/get two (for example) main courses, and only pay for one. Genius! And I am not going to use all of the coupones, coz some of them are just useless, but I am going to use many of them. And the book is also a great way to get inspiration for trying new things:)

When I woke up it was sunny, and now just when I looked out I heard the biggest thunder pow-wow and the rain just strated to pour down. I wonder if the barbaque tonight is going to happend after all...hmmm... oh well I'm just gonna  continue reading. Thunder+rain= perfect day for reading.
Enjoy your day:)