Saturday, October 30, 2010

To be, and what to be

Halloween party today, and the dilemma is what to wear or what to be;
-The bold and the BOLLYWOOD
-Jungle cat Leopard

Big decisions 

Maria, HELP!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Photo of the day

Daisy Lowe by Jermaine Francis.
LOVE it!

Just came home from the gym whereI took a Latinmix class. I still hope to one day have a firm butt like D Lowe's.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Outfit to the World Press Photo exhibition. Not a happy exhibition by the way... It's a cruel world we live in.

Wearing Gina Tricot knit, H&M faux leather pants, Nilsson booties, Guess watch and random silver rings (one is my mom's and I got it for my graduation)

Nude enthusiast, Ryan McGinley

Stumbled across this photographers page.  I am intrigued. Here are my favourites from his latest photo exhibition. If you find it interesting, be sure to check out his page; here. And not only this photo series  "Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere", but also "Moonmilk" and his other projects. But viewer discretion is advised, cos this guy is clearly into nudity!
I present you; Ryan McGinley.

LOVE this picture, I want this on my wall!

Today I'm going to see a photo exhibition; World Press Photo. It is a photo competition for people around the world and I guess it's the best of the best from these pictures that is displayed. If you are interested you can read more here.
Looking forward to it!

Flying baby

Picture by me.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Different kind of B&W

No secret that I love B&W pictures, so obviously I fell for these ones. Enjoy!

Erin Heatherton by Ben Watts for Flaunt. 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Christmas came early

Two packages a day! Feels like christmas came early or something, feels kinda nice. But it also reminded me to go easy on the christmas food (...hmpf....).
Anyways, I am two pairs of shoes, 2 dresses and 1 tee richer.
That is, if I keep them.

 A pair of shoes and a maxi dress from Asos.

From Nelly I got a dress, a tee and the black shoes. Fastest service ever since I got an email from them yesterday saying the had shipped the package and I would receive it 3-7 days. We'll I'm not complaining!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sales make me crazy

Yup, again I found some stuff online that I truly believe I need, and it's really hard to think rationally when the prices scream cheap cheap cheap! The problem is, it always ads up being a larger number than you expected, and in my case, a number I shouldn't spend. But I narrowed down to these three items, and help me god I'm so close to clicking on buy...

I love the color and back of this dress; simple and chic. And for the total of 89kr I am very tempted.

This blue/purple oversized tee and/or dress is just what I need in my closet. A pair of boots and jeans with an oversized knit (which is still to be found) completes a day look, and a pair of leggings, a statement necklace and high heels would make this a very casual evening look. The price is a whopping 69kr, therefor very tempting as well...

And finishing with these ugly, still very cool stilettos, I woud be good to go run the streets of, well, anywhere. For 99kr they could be mine. TEMPTED!

I think I just convinced my self when writing this that I truly need these pieces, but I have to sleep on it I guess...
But if you have any thoughts on any of the things, let me know. All advice is welcome!
Oh and they are from

xoxo shoppalunatic

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thursday, October 21, 2010

You feel it?

Hey CPH, it's on tonight!

Bad hairday?

Mood of the day; bad hairday!

Outfit and a couple of paws

Yes I'm back in the D and a K, and very happy about that. BUT I miss having a dog:( I'm dreaming about the day I become rich, buy an apartment, so that I can get a dog.
Okay anyways before I get too side tracked, here is an outfit post, dated back to the time in Fin-lala-land. 
Shirt Gina Tricot, faux leather pants from H&M. 
(The ultra hairy dogs borrowed from our neighbor, the not-as-hairy is stylist's own.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Boots!

Okay I did it! They had them in my size and darnit I just went for them! But pretty pretty they are! They cost me a forging, and I already received a letter from the bank saying they are going to cut my visa card... ouch!!
At least I'm poor and fab (I should maybe change my blog title to that, but dunno know about the fab...but poor indeed!)

Monday, October 18, 2010

From China with love!

 I don't know how she knows me so well, but she does. She went to China, a land full of made-in-China stuff, things you don't want or need; like ugly waiving cats, mass production, fake goods etc, yet somehow she knew that I hate souvenir stuff and bought the one thing I didn't expect, but love nevertheless; a Chinese Vogue! And it's as thick as a book! Okay I have no clue what it says, since obviously it's in chinese with a million look-a-like signs, but hey, it's the perfect gift all the way from China! I love you S!

Thursday, October 14, 2010