Monday, January 31, 2011


The Copenhagen Fashion Week has officially started! Well not "officially" (the opening is on wednesday), but for me at least :)
I have this year, like I did last year, signed up to be a helper/dresser backstage at the CIFF trend show at Bella Center, and we had our first rehearsals today. My model is a young danish/brazilian beauty, whom I will be dressing for 4 looks, for the next week. I look forward to seeing how the show is going to be with all the hair and makeup in place. More on that later.

The product so far:

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Puerto Princesa part 3 - Sabang

We took a one day trip to Sabang, where the world's longest underground river is located. We had a two hour drive there. At Sabang we took a banka (=boat) to get to the bay where the underground river stars. There we waited for an hour for the boat ride in the mountain. After the underground river we took a hike over 3 mountains, 6,2km, and finished off with a walk on the beach all the way back from where started. There we ate lunch, I fed the homeless dogs, I searched for my lost phone and we drew home.
A Successful but exhausting day!
The beach on Sabang where we took the banka to get to the river.

My fellow touristtrappees.

View on the way there.

On the beach where the river starts.

Dangerous jungle life.

And his friend.

 The underground river opening.

In the caves.
 Aggressive food seeking monkeys.

 The Philippine peacock.

 From the trekking in the mountains.

 A lot of stairs = a lot of work. 
What goes up...

must come down!
Imagine doing this in muddy slippery wet rubber flip-flops. Thought so... I took mine of and walked barefoot.

Can you see what this root is :)?
The beach on the way back.

A's friend.
Street dogs.
The bus station at Puerto Princesa, where we took a van the next day to get to Port Barton.
Stay tuned...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Homemade falafel, homemade pita bread and couscoussalad

Mmmm falafel... Okay I love falafel! I love it so much I could eat it everyday, all day!
That's why I decided to try to make them myself. This way I could make sure they are not too "fatty", and fried 3 like times before serving... anyway..
Guess what, they were amazing! Not the last time I'm making falafel from scratch fo' shou!
I ended up with the falafel, homemade pita bread, minty couscoussalad and tzatziki.
Healthy and super delicious!

I haven't posted the recipes, but  if there is anyone who want's them I'll be happy to share:)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

20% off!

Help!!! Asos has 20% off their own collection until the 31.1, and fu*k I'm so tempted!!! Se how much I want!

That brown envelope clutch, the shoes (only one color) and the trousers to the right are just one klick away...! 
I don't know if I can take this!

Closet news

New arrivals in my closet.
Found in Kappahl (Finland), totally random!

These were so close to coming home with me as well, but the emptiness in my wallet screamed for mercy, so I let them hang...
Temptations points for me, big time!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hippie at spring

I'm just going to keep on dreaming then...Both for spring and for these items that is. But it's always nice to have some inspiration...?

New in the beautybox

I bought this new lipstick in Finland, in Inglot, where my friend works. They have SOOOO many colors, so it was very hard to choose... Definitely worth checking out!
I ended up with this ultra pink one, just to add some color to my very dark wardrobe. I hope to be able to wear more light colors this summer, together with bright makeup. But we'll see.

I aslo got this dark nail-polish from my roommate, who got it from her schoolmate. They think it's too dark (?!?!?) so it found its way to me. Awesome! This petrol-night color is just the color that describes my mood right now, so thank you oh generous ones :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Mood and inspiration of the day; gloomy and dreamy.
Source:  Rumi

Puerto Princesa part 2 - Honda Bay

We took a day trip to Honda bay, about 20km outside the town of Puerto Princesa, which is a fantastic place for island hopping. Meaning we took a boat to three different islands around the bay. We could have chosen more islands, but we got there a bit late so we only had time for the three. It made the stay at Puerto Princesa totally worth it :)

The bay we took the boat from.

Well on the boat

Island nr. 1

Island nr. 2

Island nr. 3