Sunday, January 24, 2010


I had a pretty decent Christmas this year. I went home to Finland for the holidays, and I spent my time in both Tahko and in my hometown, Turku. Tahko is a skiing resort up in the middle part of Finland, where my family spends most of their holidays and days of. It is quite a drive from where they live normally, about 550km, meaning spending at least 6h in the car to get there. But we have made it into a tradition to spend Christmas there as well. As I said earlier, this year went surprisingly well. No bigger arguments, which is very rare since the living space up there is a total of 47m2, which is shared by four people! Anyway, it was nice, freaking cold (-25C’), but nice, and it was fun to take the old snowboard on a downhill ride.
The other half of the 9 days I spent in Finland I spent in Turku, with a special someone. No names necessary. I also met up with some friends, and had a pretty chill time. And by the way, my friend M got a dog! And believe me, it is the cutest! Even though he is a humper… at the early age of 9 weeks. So what? I want a dog!! A female though…
So when I came back home from my holiday, it was time to celebrate New Years Eve. Or this was the case for everybody else, see I had to work. I had a job at this shitty restaurant, and I offered my self to work on New Years Eve, coz I needed the money. I regret this decision very much now. I’ll just summon it up with some keywords; nasty customers, no breaks, bar fight, flying broken bottles, blood, police, asshole boss…well you get the picture. I no longer work there.
That was just a tiny update on what I have been up to. Now I have been really sick, and I am sick of being sick, and I’m tired of tea! I want to get back in shape, and this being sick is a mayor setback in my new and “healthy” lifestyle. Sickness go away, I demand you!!

So with no job and no money, I continue my journey in hopes of beckong Americas next top model! hopes of one day becoming a successful person :)

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