Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Model off duty

Inspiration of today; Fab looking Em in horror weather!

Monday, November 29, 2010

1. advent

Sunday "hygge" with Em, the Finn-style :) Dinner and a lot of pastry...mmm... Total wheat overdose:)

 Emily made lussebullar.

 Our pretty advent candles.

 Rucola-gorgonzola pie for dinner, made by Em.

 Then my time to shine. Homemade "julstjärnor" with homemade plum marmelade. Yup, I think I just might rule.

Me, doing my thing.

Julstjärnor / Joulutorttun.

We ate our christmas pastry and drank glögg, while it was snowing like crazy outside. 

 We youtubed... we watched wrongly translated Pingu, Kissie's videoblogs and "Sagan om saftkalaset".

We ate until our stomaches hurt...

The best way to spend a sunday!

Mmm chocolate

When the weather gets cold like this there is nothing better than to make hot chocolate and crawl under the blanket. But since we had run out of O'boy powder, I had to make it from scratch. 

Introducing; Homemade hot chocolate made on real dark chocolate, and with a touch of cinnamon and chili. Yum!


Wearing; San Antonio knit, Moms old black belt, Gina Tricot pants and my Guess watch.
Simple and comfy.

I'm hoping for a tripod for christmas, so I don't need to take my outfit pictures in the mirror. And no, my roommate doesn't want to take my picture. So until I get a tripod and a remote it's going to be like this. 

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Invasion is a store I rarely go into, because I always get tempted. So went there last friday i was tempted by these things...



Second Female

by Second Female


Shoe Biz


Friday, November 26, 2010


Yesterday I discovered a newly opened second hand store on Vesterbrogade, very close to where I live. It was big and awesome, and the prices were not as bad as I had feared. If you like second hand, go Vesterbro is the place to be.

I thought I was over the whole sequins thing, but apparently not. When I was these three tings I just wanted to be all sequinced up again!

  Lots of shoes!
 Leather pants and a beautilful LBD.

And lots of fur! Tried on two, a rabbit and a fox maybe...? Bothe under 600kr!

Definitely a store worth visiting!

Sorry for the bad picture qulaity...my iPhone does try its best though... 

Thursday, November 25, 2010

New profile picture

Big spender

I just realized that I have spent 970kr in less than 24 hours. Money just flies when you just pay up. Jeez...
I bought; - A camera bag. 350kr. Very needed since I'm not going to carry my new camera around loosely in my bag.
                 - A 4GB sd memory card on sale for 100kr. It is only class 4, so I will still be needing memorycards in minimun class of 6.
                 - I got taken some passport pictures. 100kr for that 2 second experience :(
                 - A visa for my christmas trip. 400kr, muy expencive!

And that's how you spend 970kr on stuff, that you would rather spend on something else!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I would really love to wear these today. If I had them that is.
Loose leopard dress for 179kr from Nelly.com, black wedges for 349kr from Nelly.com and snake earrings for 93kr from Asos.com.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Get Some

Since I don't have the money to spoil myself with anything Lanvin on this sad release day, I thought I'd play you a song instead, to escape all this Lanvin madness;

New song from Lykke Li. Love it. And the video too.

Monday, November 22, 2010

New kid on the block

Con gratulations!

My friend just had her second baby girl. 
She is in finland so I can't see her until christams...:/ But I am sure the second one is as cute and lovable as the first;)
Con gratulations Camilla, Tommi and Mette!

I didn't want to post a picture of a stork, since we all know that story's a big fat lie. So I hereby present you with a baby chick, bringing you cyberflowers and happiness!

Remeber; "lapsi on terve kun sitä vituttaa".
 I whish you all the best <3 

With just a little bit of rock n' roll

Inspiration of today; bushy eyebrows, feathers, lots of random silver jewelry and just a bit of rock n' roll.

Bambi Northwood-Blyth for Style Stalker “Desert Fox” by Zanita Whittington.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Damn you Asos, AGAIN!

Todays dream outfit;

 The shirt, the pants, and OMG, the SHOES! Why do you keep doing this to me Asos?! The shoes, please, someone?!