Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Blog vacation

Hello sweets!
I'm well aware that I have been absent, and that I took this tiny vacation without telling you. Well, now I'm back :) And I'm going to try and blog again at least 6 times a week. Coz lets face it, I've actually missed blogging! 
Now for the reason for my absence; I told you that a new chapter of my life has started. My roommate is moving to Australia for 7 months, and that meant that we had to move out of our beloved trailer-trash apartment on Vesterbro, CPH. That sucked. So I decided to move back to Finland for a while. And since I came here last Wednesday, it has been one long nightmarish never ending day. On Sunday evening, when the circus was over, I was tired. My brother had his party and I was beat. So Monday I spent with the last guests and taking pictures of my brother for his thank you cards, and today I slept late and ran errands.

Now the next step is to find a job, something that should make me rich. Or rich enough for the next step.
 The plan for the future is to take a longer trip, starting somewhere in december in the Down Under area, continuing via Fiji to Japan, and from Japan to Bangkok where I'm supposed to travel all the way down to Bali and onward to Borneo.

It more than sucked to leave CPH, coz I really love that city, and I love all the people there. But I think I will succeed more in the money saving thingy I'm supposed to do, here.
But 'nuf with the sentimentality. For now, I'm concentrating on dreaming and saving money.

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