Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sales make me crazy

Yup, again I found some stuff online that I truly believe I need, and it's really hard to think rationally when the prices scream cheap cheap cheap! The problem is, it always ads up being a larger number than you expected, and in my case, a number I shouldn't spend. But I narrowed down to these three items, and help me god I'm so close to clicking on buy...

I love the color and back of this dress; simple and chic. And for the total of 89kr I am very tempted.

This blue/purple oversized tee and/or dress is just what I need in my closet. A pair of boots and jeans with an oversized knit (which is still to be found) completes a day look, and a pair of leggings, a statement necklace and high heels would make this a very casual evening look. The price is a whopping 69kr, therefor very tempting as well...

And finishing with these ugly, still very cool stilettos, I woud be good to go run the streets of, well, anywhere. For 99kr they could be mine. TEMPTED!

I think I just convinced my self when writing this that I truly need these pieces, but I have to sleep on it I guess...
But if you have any thoughts on any of the things, let me know. All advice is welcome!
Oh and they are from

xoxo shoppalunatic

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