Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Also in Asos basket...

I am really in the mood for a maxi dress, since I'm still a maxi virgin. BUT this is simply because I need something to wear on christmas eve and new years eve. Kinda early to think about that I know, but I'm just too excited to be spending my christmas somewhere on a coconut beach with sand in-between my toes... So I need something casual, beachy, but still nice enough to be dressed up, no matter where we end up and how we celebrate. Problem no uno is to pick the color of the first one; cream or black. No dos is I know the coral dress is not a maxi, but it's still cute! And tres... the khaki colored is inexpencive and casual! What to choose?! You can imagine the price in my shopping bag... that is plus the shoes I want. 
What do I really need....?
I WANT IT ALL! (and I want it now...)

1 comment:

  1. Cream and khaki... Den er rigtig flot den creme farvede!