Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I know I know....

So I know I just made a post about me being so happy with my new blog, and then I go and neglect my blog… Bad bad girl, I know! I have only had time to read other peoples blogs, and since I have no followers yet, I’m not obligated to post anything : ) Ha ha..
So now some blogloving. Or posting, whatever you prefer to call it.
But I’m still getting used to the whole “look of the day”…taking pictures of my self and stuff…But I’m gonna get there! (also when I have lost a few kilos…)

Anyway here’s one where I’m trying new hairstyles, curls a la The City, but since I’m practically bald and my hair is not long enough, I don’t have a lot of hair to play with. But it was fun as long as it lasted. Of course when I got to the place where I later had brunch, my hair has all non-curly, wet-dog kinda style, because of the lovely Danish weather. So the outcome of my “new hairstyle experience” was that I should just not bother trying. I’ll just wear my hat :)
And this is a bad pic anyway, you can't even see the curls I managed to create..Bummer...

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