Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jessica Szorh

So I think that Jessica Szorh is one of the most beautiful people I’ve ever seen! Mildly said. I LOVE her style, pretty basic but rock, which is quite me. If I looked like her, I would never say anything negative in my life, ever again! But since I’m a blond I can’t see how I could ever look anything like her (even if I wasn’t blond). But I guess it’s always like that, if you are a blond, you want to be a brunet, and if you are a brunet you would like to be a blond. Or that’s how it is with me. If I compare all the people who I think are “top most beautiful people in the world”, they are all (almost) brunets. Ex. Jessica Szorh, Eva Mendes, Beyonce Knowles, Adriana Lima, Ayoe Angelica, my friends Annika and Lisa Auramo and Audrina Patridge. All brunets. Funny.

I really like Jessica Szorhs style, as mentioned before, especially the leopard shoes, grrr…But two of the pictures are the same top middle and lower to the right, and I do not know what has happened to her hair? Not my favourite hair-do.
And don’t get me started on Ed Westwick, he is oh so gorgeous! But in this picture, not at all like the mysterious Chuck Bass. Can’t tell which one I like more, Chuck or Ed…? Chuck is more manly, Ed looks so tiny here…but I like that he has a personal style. Tough choice…

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