Sunday, September 19, 2010


Since my last winter jacket is long gone, meaning it lays somewhere on a dump yard, it is crucial that I find myself a new winter jacket. It is no secret that I have been longing for the sheepskin aviator Burberry thing (ripoff), but I have also fallen in love with the idea of having a army green parka jacket. One that is long for once. So I was out jacket hunting yesterday, and  I found some potential buys. Or, I bought two jackets...because they had some only-this-weekend-offers... and if I decide to keep them, well, then I guess I have saved some money. BUT, this is where I need you help! To keep or not to keep?! Or to buy or not to buy?! Please help...?

So this is one of the jackets I bought. Very comfy and the price was (79.95e - 10.00e offer) 69.95e. So please compare it the best you can the to the last 3 pictures. To keep or not to keep?!

So this is the second jacket I bought, a green parka, with the price of (59.96-10.00e offer) 49.95e. I think I really love it! A keeper?

Option number two in the category aviator a la Burberry. This one was from Carlings and I found it after I bought the other ones. It is slightly more expensive, shorter, and thicker. The price was 89.95e I think...? Which one is better? To buy or not to buy?


  1. thought so;)! But what about the other ones!?

  2. I'm not so into the sheepskin trend, but I prefer the first one... the other is too not pratical since it is short!