Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Syster Retro

How have I not heard anything about this genius site before now? Praise the lord Facebook, and it's news feed, because this was were I struck gold!
Syster Retro, Sister Retro to you non swedish talking people, is a web shop created by Johanna, whom I went to school with back in the days, and her sister Catti. The concept is that they do all the work by going to all the flea-markets, secondhand shops, vintage stores... whatever treasure chests there may be, and dig out all the goods. They then mesure them, style them, take pictures of them, and sell them online! How brilliant is that? Now I don't have to go to all the smelly secondhand stores and waste my time not finding anything. I will simply click on the website and see what's new in Secondhand fashion. And they also show you how you can style it, so you can save your precious braincells for something more useful (like what to wear tomorrow..?).

Seems kinda pro..:)
Check it out, if not for buying, then for pure inspiration. Follow their blog on or buy online on

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