Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Greetings from a humid paradise

So FINALLY I found a place that has a card reader that works...somewhat...:) So now I can make a small update:) Unfortunately this computer is really it takes a looong time to uploead the about 12oo pictures taken so far.
So unfortunately it is impossible to upload pics on these old machines... so text only...

A short description of what I have been up to so far;
We arrived at Puerto Princesa on the 22 of december, where we stayed for 4 nights. We went on a town sightseeing where we found the local beach. We also went Island Hopping, where we discovered that Puerto has more to offer than just dirty streets and fast food. We went to see the underground river in Sabang, a tourist trap, though worth the trouble. We then decided to take a hike through the mountains afterwards. I thought it was a brilliant idea, but after 6,2 km over three mountains on muddy slippery narrow trecking paths (in goddam fllipflops!!) I was near dying... But I did it:)
We also found out that the term rainseason lasts for a lot longer than what the internet tells you... So we have had our share of thunder and rain. But these last couple of days we have had really nice weather so it's all good.
Then we arrived at Port Barton, which is a small fishing village by the cost. We went on a diving trip where A dived and I snorkeled. We ate lunch on some deserted beach and I was pretty much in heaven. We also went to a waterfall deep in the forest which I also enjoyed...quite a lot! When you walk in the forests here you really know you are very, VERY far from home (or at least we don't have monkeys in Fnland/Denmark) . 
Port Barton was a fantastic place! We stayed there for 3 nights.

We arrived at El Nido today, and this seems to be a fantastic place as well. We live on the beach and just outside in the water is a magnificent coral reef just waiting to be explored! Tomorrow we will go on a diving tour again, where I will go snorkeling, so that's the plan so far. 
Now we are sitting in the "Art Cafe" in El Nido, and things could not get any better.
Now dinner!
Later! (Hajotkaa sinne pakkaseen from A)


  1. When do we get pics? :-)

  2. Great stuff! I just had dinner at Art's Cafe myself and it was superb. We invite you to ride the ROYJEN charter boat from Sabang to Port Barton and El Nido for the sea adventure of a life-time.

  3. Dear anonymous, pics will come when I get home, which is pretty soon. The computers here are from ancient times so uploading photos is a whole days worth of computer-nerding. But soon I will kill you all with picture overload:)!
    Much love!
    And yes, El Nido is awesome, but now we are in Puerto Galera, a little too far away...:P