Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Update 1

Hi, and greetings from Puerto Princesa, Palawan:) We have finally reached our "final" destination (or the final for the next 3 days...), after a LONG jurney here. We started in Helsinki, were we flew to Amsterdam. And let me tell you, I was sure that we would be stuck in Amsterdam over Christmas, because of all the snow3 chaos, but I guess that luck was finally on our side! We found our selves in a shabby but quite cute Guesthouse in Manila after three transits in various airports, and that including our baggage! Can you believe it?! Helsinki-Amsterdam-Beijing-Xiamen-Manila and 16 hours later Manila-Puertpo Princesa, and we still have our baggage? Well I can't.. That's because after having visited Beijing airport, I now can add a "Never-again" airport to my list, together with CDG Paris., All i'll say is: you'd thinkt the chinese should be effective?...?! NO! 4 people to change a light and only one pass control person to check 200 people is not my idea of effective n(just to giva an example)!
But anyways, we are safe and secure, and thus far we have used a shit load of money (but isn't that always what you do in the beginning before you get used to things and their prices?) but we are quite satisfied in general. The weather is not quite so optimal  as we'd hoped, but it's warm anyways (+26C at 11PM). 
I have no photos to show yet, coz nothing really exciting, other than airportground views or backseats of cabs, have happened.. so... Only text this time :)

And until next time, sorry for the spelling mistakes! I have no spelling corrector here on this 40pesos per hour computer. And god knows I suck at spelling and grammar. Well bare with me. 
Over and out. Enjoy the minus degrees:)

Love, Julie

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