Saturday, December 4, 2010

Knit knit knit away!

I saw a headband in a store the other day, and decided to start a DIY project. I finished one, and I've started on another. I'm pretty proud of myself, since I have a tendency to leave things undone, because I loose my motivation. 

Here it is though, an actual finished product.

It was hard to start, coz my knitting skills were very rusty!

But then I finally made two long, wide pieces, that I sew together  into a turban knit headband.

Final result.

It is very thick, and therefore; VERY warm!

Four layers of knit should do the trick... next time, only single layers...:) (I've now started on a braided headband, that hopefully will not be as thick, big and chunky...)

20kr for yarn, so a very cheap headband!

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