Saturday, June 18, 2011

And the only thing you said was damdidadidaa damdidadidaaa

We went to see Aqua at Tivoli tonight, and they delivered a fairly good concert. We heard almost all the good old Aqua, like Barbie Girl and Dr. Jones and so on, but we also got an introduction to what is to expect from the new Aqua. They ended the concert with their new up and coming single; "Fuck me like a robot"... In a way I'm amazed that after just hearing it once the melody and the lyrics are stuck to my head and I catch myself singing it all night... but then I realize what I'm actually singing, and then I'm not loving it all that much...or something. So maybe I like it, maybe I don't, but before deciding upon if I do or not, I can just think of it as..hmm..catchy at the least. Oh well...

But the one song I've grown quite fond of is this one;

You like Aqua, or was it only cool back in the days:)?


  1. Er også helt vild med My Mamma Said. Kan virkelig godt lide at der er kommet noget dybde i deres musik, det klæder dem :)

  2. Ja men så kommer de ud med en sang som fuck me like a robot... get's you thinking ;)
    xx Julie