Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New pinkies

5 minutes after I got home yesterday, the doorbell rang. "Hello Julie, I have a package for you". And when I opened the door the most yummy delivery guy stood there, holding a package. I didn't know what to be more excited about, having a very attractive man in some kind of uniform standing in my door, or the fact that he was holding my new Nelly Suri shoes.
I grabbed the package (well not a package, MY shoe package, I am a lady after all) and tried them on at once. You like?

Now I want them in black too...damit!
Now I have two reasons to order something from hint hint.
Okay I'll stop now.

P.S My pants are not dirty, it's the mirror that has fatty fingerprints all over it. Yes, that's me, taking my picture in the mirror...

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