Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dinner for two - Italian style

I love cooking, but it's boring to make dinner for only myselfself. My roommate was out, so I called up Tanja to hear if she wanted to join me in my attempts to be Italian for one night. I started out wanting to make a real salmon lasagna, which I did. I also eded up serving a starter and a dessert. I am a very good friend, I know.

My starter was the easiest, but simply most delicious starter ever; buffalo mozzarella rolled in parma ham, topped with sesame oil and pepper, served with some lettuce and avocado. The whole thing sang, I love it! How can something so tasteful be so yummy?!

And then for mains I served the salmon-spinach lasagna, and a hell of a lasagna it was! Use mascarpone and parmesan instead of those ready bought "lasagna sauces"... then it actually tastes like a real lasagna!

Great success!
Let me know if you want the recipe and I'll post it.

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  1. i would really like the recipe!