Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fab cam bag

I stumbled across some pictures of this fab camera bag from Kipling, and it immediately caught my attention! It is very rarely that I see a camera bag that actually is nice, like in fashionable, so this idea to make a real camera bag, that design wise doesn't look like your average Japanese tourist's bag, is a great idea! I often don't take my camera with me, because the bag is both inconvenient and ugly... 
This just leaves me wanting this bag even more!!! And the good news is that it's limited edition, so not everyone will walk around with the same one. The bad news is that of course it was sold out long before I even heard of it. 
Hopefully they will design some new ones soon... I need a bag that is bigger than this one, to fit extra lenses, flashes and what not. Fingers crossed!


  1. Det er Andy fra Stylescrapbook der har designet den! Cool men lidt pricey!

  2. Nej hvor er den skøn !!