Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Drought throughout...

  ...the week. One whole week of absence, but fear no longer my darlings! No seriously, I’m just letting you in on what I have been up to. So even thought I didn’t write here every day, I didn’t forget you. You are always on my mind!

(Yes I am a fan;)

So we already established why my blogging was so non-existing Tuesday and Wednesday, but now comes the tales of my life from Thursday to today:)

Thursday: I had to work, simple as that. And I had my second day hangover, which means very heavy head! = No time to blog. I was home at 2am from work so…pretty tired…

Friday: Got up early, and went to the airport to pick up my escort for the weekend. I had my special someone to come and visit me here in very COLD CPH. That is, in fact, the reason, and excuse for my blogging absence. But as soon as he left, which was today, I’m back in the game, so I’m not forgetting my blogging hobby.
But be as it may, I had a nice weekend. Friday we went brunching and shopping, and in the evening we went out for some sushi. We tried a new place, called Sushitreat. Yummy sushi but I have had better. Prices, eh, not cheap. Then we went to play some pool and 3-1 in my favor….uhlala. Then we went to the Living Room to chill.
Typical of me to take a picture before we get the food...Well done:)
Outfit pose...? This is in A-bar, where we play pool.
Saturday chilling included waking up late, eating, grocery shopping and making a nice dinner. Then we had some friends over, we were supposed to go out and have a chill laid back night. But nooooh, after drinking at least 8 different sorts of alcohol, we realized it was going to be a wild night. Great success some might say.
Still dreaming of those Acne Mayas...damn they are comfortable!

Hangover Sunday was spent with more eating and hygge.
Monday was shopping again, and enjoying the “nice” weather with a walk on Strøget, coffee drinking and more eating. In the evening we made lasagna and had a nice TV-dinner.
Thuesday…Well today he went home, and I went to work. Not fun day at all :(. Although now I get to watch the newest episode of GP with someone (L) who appreciates it as much as I do. That’s always a bonus.

As you can see I have had more than my share of eating this weekend, and it has got to stop. So now when I listen to the rain pooring outside, I will concentrate on something else than food… Maybe I’ll figure out what to wear to tomorrows  H&M Fashion Against Aids event…hmmm…

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