Friday, May 21, 2010

H&M FAA - Event

So yesterday me and Maria went to check out the H&M Fashion Against Aids event. It was not nearly as crazy as the Jimmy Choo for H&M event I went to last October (was it…?), but still it’s like all hell is loose when you first enter the area of the new collection. People just leave their brains outside and go nuts! But anyway when people calmed down, it was quite fun:) There was beer, sodas, some snacks, and a “goodie bag”, which was a really nice textile bag containing the newest Costume magazine. Bonus, but is that classified as a goodie bag? One might wonder…
But here are some picks from the event. And a yesterdays outfit.

People going bananas...Smart move H&M to put the collection right in the entance so people really can clog together...!
I am still thinking about buying those headphones...I've always wanted big headphones..hmmm...They had some cool zebra striped ones....?
Maria tried on the Leopard dress. The fit was A+ but didn't have the wow factor.
In this case, the silece AFTER the storm.
This hat came home with me, the knittet men's shirt didn't.
The festival tents.
Outfit: Asos jumpsuit, vintage braided leather belt, striped H&M stockings, wooden "gladiator" wedges from Spain.
And the other beer was Marias...!!
And finally a mini concert with RebekkaMaria. Not bad!
These are the two things that came home with me. The hat for 69kr and the ring (normal collection) 19kr.
The fringed dress I set out to get was not at all like I expected! I wanted a normal dress, not a see through metallic/bronze colored shiny thing. So I told the dress politly that it wasn't what I was looking for, and walked away. The end.

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