Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sahara in my blog?

Drought on my blog, I know. I will no longer keep you wondering where the hell I am, I promise! My absence here is done:)
It all started last Tuesday, when we were handing in our group exam-projects. My group and I went out to “celebrate” to a café in Skinnergade called Flottenheimer, and from there we continued our triumph by going to Gina Tricot to “shop”, where I bought a zebra striped top. I will show it at some point, after having washed it twice or so; reason for the tops dirtiness coming right up. After the great shopping, I went home, changed to my newly bought zebra top, power napped, and went to my work, where we were going to have a cocktail and liquor course. I was kinda suspecting that the night would not only be about an educational course, but something much more cultural than that; see us Danes we love to drink, and get extremely wasted whenever possible, especially when it’s a work event or a “social” event. My suspicions proved to be quite accurate. After drinking almost all the cocktails on our menu, we headed out to Kamel’s, which is a really nice and fancy little restaurant near my workplace, where were served a 4-course dinner with champagne and the finest wine. When dinner came to an end, we went next door to a bar, where beer and shots became the main focus… Well the rest is just a big blur, but I do know that walking home bare feet at 5 in the morning from a gay-bar with a broken shoe in my hand, and waking up the next day with the worst hangover in history, is solid evidence of one of the greatest nights ever!
So you might understand that blogging on Wednesday was quite impossible. The only thing I managed to do that day was to drag my miserable hung-over ass to the super market 10 minutes before closing, to get the only thing that can cure a hangover; my friends Ben and Jerry.
So the rest of the night was spent together with Ben&Jerry’s and Gossip Girl. Without those two things, I would have been screwed!
Let me tell you, a good sorbet is the gateway to hangover paradise!

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