Monday, May 3, 2010

Worlds greatest dad!

I met up with my dad today, after a hard day at school plus some shopping. We went to shop some more at the Fisketorvet mall. Our purpose was to find something for my brothers b-day, which is next Sunday, 10.May. And oh did we find a lot of good shit! I ended up buying a “skater” cap, and some really nice Nike shoes, all in total of 500kr. Yes that could possibly ruin my economy, but he’s my bro, and he only turns 14 once!
But again my point was, that my dad always has something nice for me when he comes and visits. Last time he had my b-day presents, and some extra stuff he bought for me after hearing me wine about stuff I needed. He went out and bought me an Ikea rice-paper lamp and a cover for my iPhone, how sweet is that? And he HATES Ikea!
This time around he had candy, which he always has, and magazines! I am so lucky to have such a nice dad. The small joys in life, I tell you they do make a big difference. So after the shopping we went out for some sushi, and again, he doesn’t like sushi, but he ate it anyway, for my sake. Aww… I LoVe you daddy!

Finnish Kamera, Finnish Gloria, InStyle and ELLE UK with Demi Moore on the cover. Score!
Malaco Truly candy, and some new liquorice with "mairanne"...hmmm...
And sushi at Sticks n' Sushi. YUM!

I just came home like an hour ago. I'm dead beat so I'm off to bed. I'll show you what I bought tomorrow. Nighty night!

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