Sunday, May 2, 2010

Which one?!?

I have done some proper searching on some jumpsuits/playsuits , because I have decided that I need one. Or that I decided over a year ago… I have been looking, but it seems that this is the first time that there’s a lot of options…maybe too many?
I have fallen in love with some, and I have fallen so deep that I must have one of them.

311,68kr, 356,29kr, 338,39kr
But which one? HELP! They are all from and I would love to have all of them, BUT, I am rewarding my self with one, JUST ONE…which one…argh! They are all so cool!
MUST HAVE, must have, must have….

Wouldn't mind this babe from Mulberry either. But some things are just out of my league...damnit!


  1. den til højre...! 100%!! Har selv haft kig på den!

  2. Hvis du ikke tager den til højre, så vil jeg med glæde købe den - og så kan du jo låne den ;-) Den er super flot!