Monday, March 14, 2011

I may by bad but I'm perfectly good at it

Friday I went out for some shopping. Yes! Purposely, no OOPSes and haste shopping here, only clear calendar planned shopping with a strict budget.
Okay the thing was that I have some gift certificates burning in my wallet, so I thought this might be a perfect time to spend them.
It resulted in the following:

The shoes from Weekday that I've been longing for! I used my hard earned tip money. Long live tips!

In Weekday I also stumbled across these black jeans with zipper details. I tried them on and home with me they came. And for a lousy 80kr? BITCH PLEASE!

I went to H&M to see if I could find the silver knit I've blogged about. And I did. What I also found were these cute ballerinas for 179kr. Comfy and cute. They are now the official replacement of another pair of really worn down (hey they lasted for 3 seasons in practically everyday use!) H&M ballerinas. You could also find them in numerous other colors, I might go back for another look...

And finally the silver babe from H&M. Love at first sight.
Here I used a certificate. It pays off to be a H&M club member!

I also went for a proper round at Magasin, to where I have a gift certificate of 1750kr. Didn't find anything, until I went through the sunglass department. Oh what potential investments they had! But' I'll need someone to come with an second opinion before I go all in with the big spendings. (I went through the sunglass department, it was almost too painful to go through, just because I recently lost my almost dearest item; my Wayfarers from Rayban....fml)

So now I still have my Magasin gift certificate, a gift card to Gina Tricot and to Monki. What to buy next?

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  1. Tack :)
    Härligt nytt till garderoben du haffat, äslakr de beiga skorna. Färgen och dragkedjan. Nami!
    Hur e allt där borta? Åbo is same same, du vet the drill :)
    Byxorna fick jag av några vänner som var till Afrika, maggie lawrence står det i linningen?