Friday, March 11, 2011

The perfect tee

I have started a nation wide, even world wide search of the perfect slouchy, slightly see-through tee-shirt. I would have bought a Forrest & Bob tee, but I DO NOT have over 300kr to spend on a basic tee. And I simply won't spend that much. So that's why I want something very identical to the Forrest & Bob, without spending a fortune. This is a task proven to be quite challenging, because either they are too short, too see-through, or not see-through enough. If you have any tips or ideas where to go continue my search, please share!
 Now this is the perfect but too expensive (379kr) Forrest & Bob tee. So where to find look-a-like...??

This Samsøe Samsøe tee is almost a perfect look-a-like, but since I would only save 20kr from the original Forrest & Bob, it's not worth it...

 This on is a biiiit too see through. But it might be an option. It's burning in my shopping basket on together with these. And the price is a cool 129kr.

 These two might be good options. They are from Asos in the model 'Easy' Tee and cost 117kr + shipping.

I will continue my search today and see what H&M and Gina Tricot (among others) have to offer.

Have a lovely day every one! <3 

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