Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Julie overdose, haha :)
 I know I'm waaay behind, but I'm still learning! I just found out today what you can do with the Mac photo booth...hihii. I predict a lot more like this coming up :)

I just had to have a break from Illustrator... it drives me crazy! So I played around with photo boot (yeah I know, I was THAT bored), and here is the result; a sneak peak of my todays outfit/new hairdo.
Now I have to continue with my drawings, and then I have to make dinner, for my self (anyone wanna join;)?). I'm thinking spinach-feta pie... And after that I need to go get my waxing done, autch... and then I have to clean, and probably continue with Illustrator. So no more time for nonsense. Work work work!

Have a fabulous day everyone!