Friday, April 16, 2010

New in

I went shopping today, or I kinda did... I went to return some of the b-day gifts and a dress that tore in the wash, so you can say when I paid a little extra to get something else that I kinda shopped. But nonetheless I got some awesome things! Check them out.

I changed the earrings I got from M to this awesome ring! A real Colt Magnum...or something:D? The ring is from O|Z on Østerbroggade, and the total price was 200kr. (I paid less of course, so not really shopping was it...?)

Finally I got my hands on these Vagabond babes that I have been drooling over ever since I saw them on Veneda, my model to the fashion week shows, back in February. Again I had a cardigan that I wasn't too excited about, so I got them cheaper. Plus, Magasin had some campaign going on, foreigners get 10% discount when they show a valid foreign id card. After flashing my Finnish drivers’ license I ended up paying only 330kr! They go for 599kr in the stores. Niceness!
Actually I bought this dress from H&M Trend last week, but some of the seems tore in the wash, so I returned it. I fought for over an hour to get a new one, since it was already sold out in one H&M. But I love it, and you got to fight fight fight for this love... 349kr, and technically this wasn't shopping either since I already paid for it last week...
And last but not least. This I bought, no excuses here, other than I really NEED a cardigan. 129kr in H&M sounds like a bargain to me.

Maybe I should change my blog to excellentexcuseto”shop”
Now I really have to pack… I’ve been avoiding to look at my new suitcase for too long now, and it’s getting way too late for my brain to decide what to bring…hmm… Don’t you know the feeling when there is something you have to do, and you just keep on doing something else, just to postpone the thing you don’t want to do? I know I’m a master of not getting things done and postponing…not a nice thing to be good at. But anyways I hate packing, but you gotta do what you gotta do.
Over and out.

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