Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Second hand coolness

Today, going home from school, I thought, today is the day that finally is the exploration day  of a second-hand store, a store that I have been planning on exploring for ages now. What a treasure chest! I fell in love with a Oscar de la Renta yellow blouse, this striped skirt (that I would remake into a short draped skirt) a whole bunch or earrings and a shirt, that actually came home with me. Not the last time I'm going there! And I was wearing my hair up, so I didn't even get to try out all the millions of hats they have! (or I did try some on, but I looked like a clown!) I am just too broke to buy everything I want so I just ended up buying to things; the shirt and a pair of earrings. Can you guess which ones?:)
They were all 50kr.
I was such a fan of the "stone" earrings! I might have to go back and get them too... But yes, the Multi-Colored things came home with me, couldn't resist;)
And this shirt too. 50kr and in the bag it went. This is one of the crapiest pictures ever! Bnd the shirt is really cool, trust me! iPhone pitures in bad lighting are not always the best solution...? I'm of course gonna show it on at some point, then you might get a better idea why this was a favourite.
This was the skirt that was left behind. I LOVE the faric and colours, but I'm not gonna pay 200kr for it, when it would have to be totally remade to look good, on me... Period.

So if you have time, I warmly recomend the second-hand on Jagtvej 199 at Østerbro, CPH. It is second-hand coolness.

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