Thursday, April 29, 2010

New in

So I finally thought I'd show you what I bought last Wednesday, I think it is time now...:)
This is what I bought;

-Blue nailpolish "Blue my mind" from H&M, 40kr.

Looks really alot like the one Whitney was wearing in that last picture I posted...;)

-Stockings from H&M, black with dots and black with stripes... I haven't tried them on yet, but their time will come.

-These gray high-waisted trousers from Gina Tricot, 99kr
This is also my Monday outfit, so I don't need to post that separately. Shirt vintage and shoes from Vagabond.

In my mind I look like this with the pants...

-Two pairs of underwear from Gina Tricot. Bra 49kr and the panties 29kr.
This bra is called a "balcony" bra. It lifts up, without having any stuffings, instead of pushing and forcing a cleevage in the middle. We LIKE!
I have been loking for a see through bra, that wasn't "too see through" know. And what do you know, miss Gina had the awnser!

-A overaized tee from Acne, 600kr. Not in this color though...more like peach maybe...? I didn't get the chance to take a picture of it before I had greace all over it so. Google images provided me with this one.

There you go :)

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