Wednesday, April 14, 2010

She's back!

Hi ya'all, I'm back! I know I have been somewhat absent the last couple of weeks, but I intend to turn it a back around. The reason for my absence is the simple fact that I have been really busy! Not only has it come across here on the blog, but I feel like I have neglected my precious me-time. All work and no play make Julie a dull girl…you get my point. So now, while the laundry is peacefully rotating in the machine, I finally have some time to chill. I made myself one of the most delicious smoothies ever, and sat down by our almost-fallen-apart coffee table, to both watch TV AND to blog. Us girls we do know how to multitask ;) (except for a dear friend of mine….yes, HER!)

My smoothie, tadaa! It may not look like much, but the combination of fresh melon, some frozen strawberries, raspberries and mango, blended with some low-fat peach-raspberry youghurt and some sweetener, is the perfect combination of an extra delicious smoothie. Live it, learn it.

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