Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Blueberry, my favourite!

Look, I made pie! Saturday, I had Maria over for some homemade burgers, fotball night (DK-Camoroun) and finnish blueberry pie. Good company, Denmark won and my pie ruled! What more can you ask for:)?
There is no doubt that blueberry is my ultimate favourite fruit/berry, and I have had sush cravings for it for a long time now. So blueberrypie it was:)

Now I have to leave for work...Outsh my feet. Saturday I was working from 9-18 and then I had Maria over for dinner, and Sunday I was working from 9-19...so maybe that's why it has been slightly quiet here on the blog..Oh yeah and friday was mega hangoverday... I've been bysy!:) Have a super day!

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