Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I don’t know if I have revealed myself as my true self, but the fact is that I am a huge makeup junkie. And those of you who know me can agree. I truly believe in makeup being a huge part of a girl’s life. I think I have my mom to thank for that, since she made sure I had drawers full of makeup by the time I was a young teen. You should see the amounts of makeup she has, jeez, a real collector. Anyway I just thought you ought to know… so you don’t wonder what’s up when I get my flips and start to show you all kinds of boring makeup stuff;)
Where I was going with this is that I bought quite a lot of makeup in Barcelona, and it’s about time I show you what I came home with.

I came home with; a Sephora eye makeup remover and a Nail polish remover (travel size;), A Sephora stretching mascara for those long bambi eyelashes, a feather collection Helena Rubenstein mascara, a Clarins Lip balm/lip-gloss in a red-orange color, a orange lipstick from unknown label (I have desperately searched for the perfect, and cheap, orange color) and a lip balm from some Yes to Carrots label.
I also bought, not shown on the picture though, an eyebrow pencil from an unknown label, and a Dior mascara in Copenhagen airport. So I guess my mascara collection is full...? I guess you can say that mascaras are my weakness haha;) I’m now working on the Dior…not too fond of it yet, but I guess it’s still too wet and weighs down my lashes …but I think it’s gonna be a good one soon, when it “dries up”. I am also wearing my orange/coral lipstick quite often, which takes some getting used to coz I wasn’t a lipstick gal before (my lips are tiny!), but I love it to death. I just have to get over myself and use it more often, coz it’s just too cool!
Makeup nerd; over and out. Sleep tight!

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