Monday, June 7, 2010


Hola guapas! I’m back from Spain and it was fantastic! We did not see nearly enough, but still we did see a lot. I had no time to blog, since we spent a maximum of eight hours per day at the hotel, from approximately 1am to like 9am… So I was not exactly well rested when I came home. I came home Thursday, late in the evening, and Friday I spent my time catching up on my sleep and chilling in the park with my roomie. In the evening we made dinner, and went to Distortion here at Vesterbro. Nice to have a festival just outside your window:)  We ended up going home way too late, and sleeping only 4 hours didn’t seem like a brilliant idea when I had to work a busy shift at 9am Saturday morning…big bummer, but it was fun though:) After work we went for a barbeque with the girls. God I've missed barbequing, definitely something I will do a lot this summer!
Anyway, here are some of the 900 pictures taken in Barcelona:) Bare with me, there are a LOT!
I sat at a cafe for 3 hours, and enjoyed two mini colas and a "pizza", while waiting for the clock to turn two so I could check into the Hotel. Excellent opportunity to be the ultimate turist with maps and guide-books.
Typical Barcelonian houses.
The view from our balcony, see, we had the pent-house...sort of:)
I went grocery shopping. Well the supermarkets are somewhat different of those in DK.
I changed into a more summery outfit and walked a 5-6km long distance to Placa Catalunya. I stopped in Zara, naturally. I am wearing my new leo jumpsuit from H&M, Acne shirt, Lacoste sunglasses, Guess watch and shoes I got when I was in fift grade.
The view from Zara, not bad.
Placa Catalunya. Stupid parents had their family activitys when feeding the pigeons. They encouraged the kids to go nuts, just when all the pigeons had gathered in one spot to eat. And then they filmed it...? Talk about culture differences. What ever happened to picknicks in the park or the movies?
Finally Andy came, after being lost somewhere around Placa Espanya, so we could have dinner. We had Italian food and Sangria. Sangria rules! 
Evening walks somewhere around some placa.. Nightlife in Barceona is very lively.
Everything is smaller, this is a BIG coffe...yes, big. Hmm...
Discovring the boulevard by the beach.
Mountains and beaches. Yes please.
Total Miami vibes yes?
On the beach we had our share of silikone tits. Why...?
But a cold Corona on a warm sunny day saves all!
People werent shy about showing boobs at all! No matter what size or shape... Approximately 2 out of 3 girls were topless. For a sneak peak, check out the buddah in the backround.
We had some fab food, fish in Spain is amazing!
We had walks in parks.
We had a all you can eat seafood-sushi-chinesefood-sallad-dessert buffet for 14€...!! All you can eat lobster you say? Yes mam!
We had many mojitos, yum yum yum!
We took the cable-cart to Parc Monjuic, where the view was amazing and the gardens were beautiful.
Find Waldo.
Kissing flowers...
We drank a lot of local beer. Very important.
On top of the mountain, by the castle.
We went to Europes biggest aquarium...I suspect that only the tank is the biggest one in Europe. But it was cool.
We chilled by the harbour, watching the sunset.
We discovered a market. OMG, chocolate heaven!
The fruit and vegetables were amazing too!
We saw some pretty amazing churches too. This one is Santa Maria, in the Born area.
We went to the zoo too!
Were we saw a dolphin-show
Some badass crockodiles
And the coolest chillout bear. Total relaxation :)
We fed the Bambis :)
These are my new shoes from Bershka and a glimpse of my new dress that I can't remember where I bought it from. Just to show some of the few things I shopped...
A walking street in a park by the Zoo.
I was a real Samsonite tourist, trying to find my way through the labyrinte of Metro routes.
We found our way to the mandatory tourist attractions; Gaudi's candle wax creation, also known as Sagrada Familia.
We walked up to Parc Gaudi, to see more of his creations.
Meltdowns are normal when walking only upwards all the time.
And we walked down again.
Happy Camper!
We went to Sephora, and luckily I had an enthusiastic co-shopper with me...
Shortly after we had an eppisode with Mr. Cranky.
Last evening stroll around the Born Area.
Last day, and fruit from the market for brekfast at the harbour. Fanfuckintastic.
I wanna go back!

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  1. Jeg er kun noget i nærheden af jaloux... Der er nogle lækre billeder du har taget og Barcelona ser fantastisk ud - især maden!