Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 5, 6 and 7 in iSTANBUL

Day 5:
We went to visit the sourcing company Li&Fung, and had a lecture there. Very interesting.

At Li&Fung.

We took mandatory roommate pictures.

We hung out with Sara.

We went to a logistic's  company.

We had mixed feelings about it.

We went to a jeans factory where we saw everything that goes into making jeans. We take this stuff very seriously.

We took notes.

We saw their storage.

And we saw how they mass produced the jeans.

Fancy machinery. 

We saw them make the details on the jeans.

And we saw how they stone-washed the jeans. Cool.

Then my battery died on my camera. So I don't have any pics from the evening. Or the next day morning.

Day 6:

We went to see a factory that makes woven fabric. Especially in wool. After that we went to see a leather factory that produces very nice leather goods.  I just wanted to take the leather home with me!

 Python skin is the shit! I really want something in this luxurious leather...Imagine black pants in stretch python. Yes please.

On the way to see the Blue Mosque. Some of us have an unique talent of looking like morons in pictures.

The photographer knows best (krhm Laila) my head was not allowed in the picture. Maybe better that way, referring to the picture above.

The blue Mosque. Tadaa.

Happy danes in Turkey.

Infront of the mosque.

Well inside.

Michelle made sure to cover all the angles.

Ugly carpet + tired feet. No shoes allowed.

Then we went to see the underground cisterns. Pretty cool, but too dark to take any good pic's. But we got our picture taken by a "pro" photographer at a tourist trap. I'll show it later...maybe;)

The real kebab. No words necessary.

Day 7:

Last day power shopping with a semi hangover.

Last chance shopping! Uh I could feel the rest of the money burning in my pocket.

Thank god we are not turistey...?! Sara shows how it's done.

Back at the spice market.

Who buys those hats?! Oliver did.

Maybe his album isn't doing that well, or he is incredibly bored, but in any case it was no other than Enrique Inglesias doing our check-ins at the airport. I always thought he was spanish, not turkish... Oh well.

Okay that's it for my part. But I might get more pictures from the other students so be aware:)

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