Friday, November 19, 2010

Closet inspo

You want to know what I want? Well I'll tell you; What I really want and dream about is my own apartment, big enough for me to be creative with a closet. I have so many clothes you can't imagine, and I have a hard time letting go of the clothes I don't use anymore. That's why I want a closet where I can see my clothes, not only because I love them and have spent a fortune on them, but to be able to "find" things better. Then I'd be sure I'd use more of what I have, and things wouldn't get lost in the back and get all dusty and lonely. Plus I love clothes so much I wan't to look at them, cos they are both colorful and beautiful, like art.
I have collected some pictures for some time, pictures that inspire me, and I hope to one day get a wardrobe closet/walk-in like these.

Johnny Johansson's office Acne Studios.

Nicole Richie's closet.


Instead of the Pug I'd have a Samoyed...

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