Friday, January 28, 2011

Homemade falafel, homemade pita bread and couscoussalad

Mmmm falafel... Okay I love falafel! I love it so much I could eat it everyday, all day!
That's why I decided to try to make them myself. This way I could make sure they are not too "fatty", and fried 3 like times before serving... anyway..
Guess what, they were amazing! Not the last time I'm making falafel from scratch fo' shou!
I ended up with the falafel, homemade pita bread, minty couscoussalad and tzatziki.
Healthy and super delicious!

I haven't posted the recipes, but  if there is anyone who want's them I'll be happy to share:)


  1. It looks soooo good!!! I would love the recipe!!

  2. Okay:)
    The falafel;
    -I added chili
    -I added about 2tbsp of sesame
    -I only used about 1 tbsp of "rasp".

    The pita bread;
    -I used 50g more graham than normal flour.

    And the couscoussalad is just a mix of cooled couscous, boiled broccoli, peas, cucumber, bell pepper, chopped parsley, lime, oliveoil and tried mint. (+salt n' pepper)

    Easy and fast:)