Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm back

I'm back from one month of traveling in the Philippines, and it's been great! I wish I had more money (or just money!) and time to be able to stay longer, but I guess all good things come to an end, evetually.
The good things are though, I'm back and connected on my Mac, and gosh did I miss my baby! It feels good to work on a computer that works, and that is fast! I appreciate it so much more now:) And now I have a phone again... though not my beloved iPhone, (which I lost tragically to either a poor thief or the waters of Sabang) but a mere Nokia, which will do just fine until I get a new iPhone...(that is IF I get a new one...).
Long story short; I'm glad to be home and reunited with my computer. I'm glad that I can drink tap water again and that milk and rye-bread are on back on the menu! I have somewhat recovered from the long flight, and consider myself no longer jet-lagged. I'm in Finland now, and on Saturday my journey continues to my other home, CPH. So on Monday reality hits again, hard I would imagine, and then it's back to the routines of everyday life.
I loved the Philippines, even though the weather was a bit disappointing, but was nothing that's going to scare me from dreaming about one day returning to explore more!

The grass is always greener on the other side, and the grass in the Philippines was indeed VERY green.

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