Saturday, January 29, 2011

Puerto Princesa part 3 - Sabang

We took a one day trip to Sabang, where the world's longest underground river is located. We had a two hour drive there. At Sabang we took a banka (=boat) to get to the bay where the underground river stars. There we waited for an hour for the boat ride in the mountain. After the underground river we took a hike over 3 mountains, 6,2km, and finished off with a walk on the beach all the way back from where started. There we ate lunch, I fed the homeless dogs, I searched for my lost phone and we drew home.
A Successful but exhausting day!
The beach on Sabang where we took the banka to get to the river.

My fellow touristtrappees.

View on the way there.

On the beach where the river starts.

Dangerous jungle life.

And his friend.

 The underground river opening.

In the caves.
 Aggressive food seeking monkeys.

 The Philippine peacock.

 From the trekking in the mountains.

 A lot of stairs = a lot of work. 
What goes up...

must come down!
Imagine doing this in muddy slippery wet rubber flip-flops. Thought so... I took mine of and walked barefoot.

Can you see what this root is :)?
The beach on the way back.

A's friend.
Street dogs.
The bus station at Puerto Princesa, where we took a van the next day to get to Port Barton.
Stay tuned...

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