Sunday, January 23, 2011

Julie tests

Eyelash perm + coloring.

One of the christmas presents that I got this year was a gift certificate to a Beauty Salon, where I could choose from either a lash extension or a lash perm (=curling) and coloring. I chose the perm and the coloring, coz I am a mascara girl all the way, and you can't really wear mascara on the extensions.
I had it done on friday, before I had an massage and went to the hairdresser. I took an before picture and and after picture, so you get the picture of what I'm talking about.

Before picture. I have bent my eyelashes in the morning, coz I can't take looking at myself in the mirror if I don't. I'm not keen on looking like I just got out of the grave... Anyways, I have a little color left from the last time I colored them. That was over a month ago, and I color them myself with a brown color.

The after picture: I took this one today, because I didn't realize  the one I took right after had my eyes all bloodshot, because I got some of the coloring cream in my eyes. 
(Hello oily skin!)
Well I also colored my eyebrows yesterday, so you also can see the difference in the colors. My lashes are colored with a dark blue-black color.

I must say I am very pleased with the result so far, even though the lashes are a bit too curly. But they will start to "fall down" soon, so I guess it doesn't matter. The perm and color usually lasts 1-2 months.
Thanx mom!!!
What do you think?

My friend also had her lashes done, but chose the extensions instead. Here is a before and after of the extensions, for those who are interested.

Before. No makeup and no flash on the camera.

How it's done. All lashes are glued on separately.

After. With makeup and flash.

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