Friday, January 21, 2011

Puerto Princesa part 1 - The town

Time for some more photos from the land of flipflops;

Puerto Princesa - the main street.

Happy Philippinos waiting for christmas.

Local street. First evidence of rain...

Instead of names on the doors, they all had a big sign with all the names of the people living on the street. And they were written in the same way throughout the philippines...What a job; sign-writer...?!

Street kitchen, located in almost every house (that is if they didn't have a mini kiosk there already).

How we got around; on tricycles.

The most common animal life found there. (And man, they did not shut up!!)

As I mentioned; a house with attached kiosk AND a street kitchen.
+ Pant-less babyboy.

View from the harbor. Looks nice from far away, but when you really see the houses it aint such a pretty sight.

The local beach, with karaoke-loving bingo-playing philippinos, spending their days in the beach "huts" doing, well, bingo and karaoke.

Find the crab.

Beach view.

Land fish...?

A banka (the boats they use there).

Mr. Crab feat. toes.

First touch with water.

Local fashionista. Head to toe modeling. Snap.
All the kids always wanted to know our names and where we came from. And when we established that we didn't have any money, they always wanted to have their pictures taken. In groups and and in singles. Cute.

Kalui seafood Restaurant. Some of the best food we ate there.

What we ate. Yum.

Kinabuch barcrew. The day before christmas. 


The infamous tricycle.

View from our garden at Casa Linda Inn.

Our hotelroom, decorated in the most exclusive philippino interior deco.

Well in that case!

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