Sunday, January 9, 2011

Update from loco loco Philippines

So a short little update on wazzup here in the humid hell. Well it's not hell, but sometimes the rain makes me go crazy and I get all negative and stuff, but as soon as the sun shows its all loving and warming face, I'm all happy again.
Well yes, I hear it's the whole of Asia that has been turned upside down, weather wise, so no wonder the weather here is not all what I expected. But it's warm, really warm and humid, (not like in Vietnam where they only have like +13...!?), so we still live in flipflops and shorts. 

We where in El Nido for 5 nights, and I guess I would have enjoyed it more if I wouldn't have gotten sick. The woodoo hulabaloo doctor told me it was some very aggressive and eventually quite harmful if not treated- kinda infection ... But I still believe it was just plain-fantastic-always to be counted on-always delightful food poisoning. Because of that I was vomiting all over the place before eight o'clock on new years eve. That pretty much destroyed all the fantastic plans I had imagined for the night, and for the next day and day after that as well. Well let's say the new year was begun with a thorough detoxing, and leave it at that...

Otherwise El Nido was nice, and the scenery in Baicut bay was stunning.
After El Nido we got a minor stroke and decided to fly to Cebu, VIA Manila. But that's how we ended up on Malapascua island north of Cebu. Malapascua, a paradise for divers and sun and sand worshipers, wasn't quite living up to it's potential with the north east monsoon bringing foul weather. So we stayed for only 3 nights, escaping to Puerto Galera, which is were we are now. Very touristy but suites us just fine. We are planning on just relaxing and hopefully enjoying the good weather (among other things). 
We fly home on the 18th, so I guess the next update is going to be from an ass freezing Finland, where I'm planning on slowly and painfully suffocate you with picture overload :)
Have a good week, and talk to you soon!
Much love,

Later! <3

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