Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Where it all started

The 2 hour drive to Helsinki airport. Our trip started from -15 degrees to +28 in Manila.

At the airport.
After a stopover in Amsterdam, we finally arrived at Beijing airport. 13 hours of flying and 11 more to go...

 Our room in the guesthouse in Manila, where we stayed for one night. It looked like something from the Simpsons, but it was ok non the less.

 In the jeepney on our way to the airport, again.

 After we got our bags checked in we went to check out to the third biggest mall in the world; Mall of Asia. And we spotted the only thing that mattered at that point; Starbucks!

 They have a thing for christmas...

A jeepney.

On the streets of Manila. Most of the city seemed to be one big dump of dirty streets and poor people. I'm glad we didn't spend more time

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