Monday, May 9, 2011

As bad as it gets

This weekend I had my friend from Finland over, and I've spent the days laughing my pants off. The best weekend in a loooong time! So this post is not for the week hearted, I just wanted to show some of the reasons for all the laughter.
I present you photobooth at it's worts. Be afraid, be very afraid...!

 It all started when I just wanted to take a nice bf photo. But just after two pictures it escalated and got totally out of control. Should have known...
Our trips to psycho space. 
And then it got worse. This is what I will look like in my next life, as a bulldog.
 I have to go to the extremes to find my chin. But I have one!
 I look like Ursula from the little mermaid. Maybe this is what Tyra banks refers to when she want's "ugly-pretty"
The best bf photo. Nuf' said.

Malin went home today and it sucks. 
Come back to me! If only you knew...

But after seeing how pretty my roommate looks in the world of genuine nut cases, I'll have to force her to join me yet again for some botoboothing.

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