Thursday, May 19, 2011


The reason for my absence...
I have not had anything interesting to write here. It's hard being inspired when you live in a mess, walk around in grandma panties and sweats, if you even bother changing from your pajamas at all that is, were the days melt into one looong boring sunday afternoon from the 40's, and where your brain has taken the form of an overcooked omelet...
But now I'm done, I have handed in the mess I've written, and my faith is now in the hands of one teacher and one unknown person. The final step is to have an oral exam, and then I'm done with KEA. MutherfuckingDONE! 
Can't say that it has been a pleasure, or a learning experience for that matter, but an experience non the less. I've learned the one thing I already knew from before. Schools not for me. Oh KEA how you've proved my point!

Oh lord please let me pass!!!???